Five Tested Methods On Generating More Leads For Your Business

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Generating leads must be a top priority for small business. Thankfully, there are various ways to create more leads efficiently and quickly.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads is an exceptional way of driving leads. Here are some tips to consider when generating your first Facebook ad:

  • The ad must be related to the content individuals click through.
  • Make use of bright, eye-catching colors instead of whites or blues.
  • Run the initial ad based on a “lookalike viewers” that utilizes your list of imported clients to find the same Facebook users.
  • Know the difference between CPC (cost per clicks) and CPM (cost per impressions). Have a look at Facebook’s guide before selecting one.

Individualized Email Marketing

Email marketing is an ideal method for driving leads, particularly when the emails are individualized to the person that receives it. A study conducted by Experian revealed that individualized emails exceeded up to six times higher income as opposed to non-personalized campaigns and emails.  Use your email podium by personalizing the email greeting so that it displays the recipient’s name. Group the contacts by purchase history, location or expressed interests. This tiny change can help with driving more leads and building brand loyalty with prospective customers. When you start sending emails, it’s essential to track your achievement. This permits you to test, change, and evolve, subsequently driving more leads with every send. Compare your open and click rates to the average of your industry to evaluate whether you’re on point or behind. Tulsa SEO can assist you with getting started and to begin driving more leads to your site.

Coupons and discounts

A great way of driving leads by using coupons and discounts is by focusing on “new customer coupons”. This is the best discount/coupon for enhancing long-term revenue. Once you’ve generated your coupon or deal, its time to start distributing. Share with present and future customers through all your online mediums, including email and social media.

Good-Value Content

Content is one of the best methods of building SEO for your site, showing off your knowledge as a company, and generating new leads.  Start generating content by using it as a lead-driving tool, but remember it goes much further than just blog posts. Content could mean an eBook, white paper, guide, in-depth study, or a video. The content is gated, so that prospective customers share their contact information for accessing it. To make the most of such content, think about how you can generate it to be the most targeted and valuable.

Referral Alliances

As a small company, you can also generate more leads by joining with other small companies. A simple method to facilitate this, is through referral partnerships. In this instance, you’ll receive a percentage of revenue from referrals you’ve sent to other companies and vice versa. Have your legal team draft and proof documentation, to ensure both parties are clear on the stipulations. Be sure to include the information about necessities like quality of leads, percentage tiers, total sale amount, etc.


Every company must drive leads. By using these tested and proven methods, you can start driving more leads, even if you have a small budget.

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