Factors to Consider with Robotic Machine Tending

Machine tending applications are crucial in every manufacturing facility. There is no doubt about that. They add value to your establishment in many different ways. It is important to explore the various ways to get rid of inefficiencies to make it work more productively.

Competition in business dictates that manufacturers figure out how to stay on top of things. Automation is inevitable. Companies both large and small have to automate in order to meet customers’ demands.

Manufacturing processes are next to impossible without robotic machine tending. Manual tending is slow painstaking work that many humans would sooner get away from.

Manufacturers must consider the following factors as they consider automating their machine tending applications.

Industrial Robots                                   

Industrial robots are capable of accelerating uptime and boosting productivity in your business. Business owners want units that are easy to install and maintain. Also, the footprint matters. It must not up too much space.

Robot manufacturers such as Universal Robots are increasingly coming up with more advanced machines. The contemporary industrial robot is a small lightweight six-axis robot. It is fitted with a variety of sensors and tools to handle a host of machine tending applications.

Their ability to allow mounting close to the machinery is also a plus as it helps to reduce cycle time.

Collaborative Robots

The advent of collaborative robots AKA cobots saw robots and humans working side by side. Collaborative robots are built to interact with humans on the production floor safely and collaboratively.

They are fitted with sensors to enhance safety on the floor. These sensors enable them to see and react to the environment they are in. For instance, if they perceive that a human is close by, they reduce speed or stop operating altogether.

Cobots are versatile and moveable and do not require a designated place that is cordoned off.

Moreover, they are easy to program and are capable of handling a wide range of tasks on the production floor. They are also the perfect fit for small and medium-sized companies as the footprint is quite small.

They are also best suited to tasks that fast deployment. Many manufacturers are finding them ideal because they are not fixed in one place. They can travel on the workfloor to perform tasks in a different location. This makes them very popular with manufacturers and warehouses.

The Teach Box

The teach pendant is a control box that is used to program a robot’s actions. You set your robot to learning mode and the pendant governs its every step. Teach pendants are created to help reduce the challenges of programming.

They also come with intuitive interfaces with touchscreens that make programming effortless. They have diverse features and such as various user levels to support a variety of skillsets. They also offer unique display options for specific applications.

Teach pendants have launched both industrial and collaborative robots to a whole new level. They are not difficult to use and make the programming of machine tending systems a lot easier.

Robot System Integrators

There are a number of workcell options that are easy and flexible. They are the perfect solution for SMEs as you no longer need to halt equipment to swap components. This action leads to wasted time.

Manufacturers can find varieties of robot system integrators that have designed pre-engineered machine tending systems that support easy loading/unloading. These integrators are fitted with interfaces that easy for users to operate.

Businesses can appreciate and befit from having systems that are capable of handling various parts efficiently. They are great for enhancing production and improving speed.


Ultimately, robotic machine tending helps to improve all aspects of production in companies of all sizes. Examining the machine tending needs of your business leads you into making the right decision for your business.

The factors presented herein are important because they help you to reduce challenges and find the right fit for your manufacturing needs. They also help in making your business more productive which brings in more profits.

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