Facebook Advertising Tips: 8 Ways To increase Business Through Facebook Ads!

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Are you sick of spending money on Facebook ads and campaigns? Is your Facebook Ads fail to attract users?

Well, many businesses take a swing of creating Facebook ads in a hope that their brand will hit the strike and win the game. They also try different metrics and use various things over and over to make their campaign a hit. However, for some unfair reason, they fail to attract users and end up creating a non-profitable ad.

It’s no doubt that Facebook has a lot of things for businesses, and can help in skyrocketing sales. But you cannot simply put up things with content and expect profitable results.

Nevertheless, the key to finding real success is to use Facebook advertising tips. Have a look at some of them to leverage success from Facebook advertising:

Facebook Canvas Ads:

Have you ever turned off this functionality, thinking of it as the most time-consuming process? Retry it! Canvas ads are still images, texts, call-to-action things, jumbled videos and other interactive collaterals that help in improving the nature of advertisements.

If done seriously, they can be quite engaging. Just mash different clips and create a story around your  ad.

Facebook Carousel Ads:

Another thing you can use to show off tailor-made ads on your Facebook business page is by using Facebook Carousel ads. Different company for Facebook ads uses this to get sales and to generate traffic. You can use them for displaying different products or various versions of one product in a single ad. Just swipe and everything is visible!

Facebook Carousel ads can display up to 10 images or videos of 10 different CTA’s in one single ad. Also, you can link to different landing pages from each panel for the carousel to create ads on Facebook mobile and desktop.

Video Ads:

Shoppers that view products from videos are more likely to become a potential buyer  non-video viewers. According to the stats, view of Facebook videos increases, with over 500 million people watching videos on Facebook only. So, create a story and fit in the spot.

Facebook Gifs:

Keep things simple and engage people! The simpler a Facebook Video (GIF) will be, the easier it would be for the business to stick around to the ad.

GIFs are very short videos play in a loop and don’t require much time and resources to create. Just create a simple Facebook GIF ad and catch your viewer attraction.

Use Facebook Pixel:

Previously, advertisers had to install different pixel codes on their webpage to track conversions and other metrics. However, Facebook Pixel is an analytic snippet of code which, if implemented on your website will help you track conversions, site traffic, content downloads or product purchases to bring them back to your site.

Master Remarketing:

Target Remarketing, as it will help you get users based on the things they had done on your website or social account. For instance, if someone added a pair of shoes in his cart, but forgot to purchase, you will have an advantage of knowing what their interests are and how they have interacted with your brand.

Get Familiar With Custom Audiences:

  • Website Traffic: Target audience who have already visited your website or have visited a specific page.
  • Customer File: Get email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs from the existing Facebook accounts and target them.
  • Online Traffic: Target audience who have interacted with your brand through phone, in-store or other offline channels.

Targeting Through Interest, Demographic And Behavior:

  • Interests: Reach clients on the basis of their interests, activities and the pages they have liked.
  • Behavior: Target clients on the basis of their intent, device usage, and their purchase behavior.
  • Demographics: Location, age, gender, language and relationship status are other ways to target clients.

Facebook advertising has proven effects on many businesses. Use the above tips and make the most out of your advertising budget!


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