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Celebrate the latest mirror TVs demand even in your home. For this, you need to know what these mirror TVs are at home. This blog will tell you the rich information you need to know about the latest and trustable Gecey's TV mirror in the market at the most pocket-friendly rates.

Brief information about mirror TVs:

Have you ever thought about the mirror that you hang on the wall to showcase the news and media channels you like? This would like an idea straight out of the fiction movie or show. But this is real. The mirror TVs frame that idea to reality. 

What’s the mechanism behind the best mirror TV you want on your wall?

You can customize most of the mirror TVs. Though there is always a way, these gadgets work. In short, these mirrors are not the normal ones that you use every day.

Instead, they are dielectric mirrors—optical lenses that are colored silvery-white to look and be used as an average mirror in a house.

However, when it comes to the manufacturers of Gecey’s TV mirror, they have options to change their frame, style, and reflectivity and transmittance. 

These manufacturers use the available spluttering technology over this mirror glass with the help of a thin film to finish the entire look.

These mirrors divide into three categories as far as reflectivity combined with its transmittance is to be considered:

  • 30% 70%
  • 70% 30%
  • 50% 50%

These different categories help a user in the overall watching experience of a general user sitting at a place with different lights poured into the same premises.

What is the best size of a mirror TV?

The average dielectric mirror TV size ranges between 10 inches and 110 inches. The size is generally measured with the diagonal length of the screen. However, there can be differences in the entire product and the mirror in front of the TV.

Thus, in such cases, it’s best to consult the manufacturers. They will be able to guide about the size and shape of mirror TV to opt for. Ultimately, this decision would fall in your budget, give you the best TV screen resolution under the limit, and offer you the most fashionable shape, size, and style of the mirror TV. 

Other than that, some parameters can define the size of a Gecey’s TV mirror that you want to buy any time soon.

These parameters are:

  • Your budget
  • Screen resolutions
  • Screen shape/size
  • Your room’s shape and size
  • The light that enters your room often

You would typically get FHD and 4K mirror TV; both are in demand in the market currently. 

There is also a surprising relationship you can find between the distance from the TV in the room and the size of the TV you have chosen. View distance is often equal to mirror TV size multiplied by 2 for 4K mirror resolution.

But again, that’s just a benchmark. There is no hard and fast rule to only purchase such an item. Consider every parameter mentioned above when you intend to buy the latest Gecey’s TV mirror.

Do you want to go touchscreen with this mirror TV?

Multiple options that help configure the best mirror TV as per your demand also include the quality of its touchscreen. This is entirely related to its frame. Basically, if the mirror TV has a frame, it will have an infrared touch screen.

But, if the mirror TV you plan to buy is frameless, it would then have a capacitive touch screen. Though, it sounds like a total sci-fi experience to have, but it is real, and users enjoy their watch time with such mirror TVs that are fashionable, durable, and easy to install.

How to install such TVs on the wall?

Follow one out of the three categories: hanging, standing, and wall-mounted. Most of the Gecey’s TV mirror sets you buy are wall-mounted. But this wall mount step also depends upon the condition of your wall where it needs to be mounted.

If the wall is simple or quite old, then mounting the TV mirror is a wrong choice. You have to know that often these mirror TVs are heavier than ordinary mirrors and TVs separately. 

Thus, wall-mounting is the easiest step but also useful when you have a concrete or block wall. Otherwise, go for the remaining two options.

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