15 Best Email Hosting Services for Small and Big Business

What Do We Understand by the Term Email Hosting?

An email hosting service refers to a hosting service that operates and manages email servers over the internet. It offers a premium email to interested individuals so that they no longer need to work with the free and advertisement-supported webmail or email. Thus, email hosting services are a necessary element for businesses. It is especially so for those companies that possess a domain name and wish to initiate email services.

An email hosting service primarily handles burdensome email users. It also looks over the small and medium-sized (SME) companies and businesses. 

Larger enterprises generally do not require email hosting services from external sources. It can get owed to their ability to run their unique one on their equipment. Nevertheless, they can seek the help of the service as and when necessary. 

An email hosting service helps manage a unique domain name. Additionally, it oversees the email authentication need, scheme, and process. The domain owner may want to enforce it to signify that utilizing a particular domain name qualifies and identifies email senders. Keep in mind that email hosting can be set up on Microsoft or purchased as a service from a hosting provider.

What are the 15 Best Email Hosting Services that Big and Small Businesses Can Use?

  1. Ultra Web Hosting

Ultrahosting service covers all elements of website running. It includes domain registration, hosting, consultation, and design. It has superior servers that help make the website loading and the email hosting faster and more efficient. Furthermore, Ultrahosting does not require setup fees, irrespective of the chosen billing. Nevertheless, it provides numerous benefits. 

  1. Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a highly beneficial email hosting service that offers numerous features and admin controls without any advertisements. It has various tools that boost business productivity. It allows real-time collaboration on the files and calendar access to organize meetings. Additionally, Google Workspace has a highly secure system that protects all personal and business data and backs it up. 

  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has multiple useful features and tools that aid in email marketing. It offers superior uptime commitment that ensures a reliable performance. Moreover, each hosting account comes with numerous free email resources. They help verify the sender details, manage passwords and accounts, filter spam, and forward and authenticate mails. They also allow for encryption and auto-responses.

  1. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting offers maximum security and deliverability in all its services. It keeps the email boxes separate from the cloud environment, allowing for more benefits. Furthermore, ScalaHosting provides the best way to grow brand awareness and avoid spam screeners or filters. 

  1. DreamHost

DreamHost is a famous email hosting service to create a prominent business image. It allows the users to deliver messages from an email address that matches the website. It works with any domain name. DreamHost permits users to route messages, sync emails, automatically establish delivery filters, and move emails across various folders. Moreover, it offers an integrated spam filter. 

  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail provides secure, advertisement-free, and encrypted email hosting. It offers enhanced and agile protection against spam and malware using at-rest and end-to-end encryption. Instead, it gives better brand authenticity, uptime, and visibility. Furthermore, Zoho Mail provides a control panel that helps customize, configure, and set things. 

  1. Rackspace

Rackspace is a highly affordable email hosting service that can provide a professional look with minimum investment. It gives premium filtering, clearing the inbox of malicious activities and spam. Additionally, it offers superior security and privacy to sensitive yet essential business data. 

  1. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides numerous benefits such as email accessing and synching, calendar sharing, contact extraction, etc. It allows the users to delete their business emails remotely if they lose any device carrying them. It helps protect the information and keep the data safe. Furthermore, Microsoft 365 permits users to customize their emails. They can do so by utilizing their domain name or creating custom formats. Also, it allows file sending for up to 150 MB and provides a 100 GB storage space. 

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides easy-to-handle features like calendars, contacts, tasks, and a webmail portal. The emails can operate across a broad category of devices and automatically sync the two. GoDaddy offers a spam filter that can block over 300 million malicious emails per day. Additionally, it has an encryption of 256-bit.

  1. Amazon Workmail

Amazon Workmail gives an easy-to-manage and secure service to support business emails. It provides effortless access to calendars, contacts, and emails via client apps such as Outlook or web browsers. Moreover, Amazon Workmail allows users to integrate their emails into their corporate directory and encrypt the data. 

  1. Fastmail

Fastmail helps create mails to match a website and offers a high customization level. It allows sharing contacts, folders, and calendars across teams for a smooth information flow. Fastmail permits the users to share their insights and resources and build their company archive through a feature named Topicbox.

  1. Namecheap

Namecheap is a highly secure, fast, and reliable email hosting service. It helps manage and share calendars, contacts, email marketing, and emails. It is compatible with most devices and offers a unified inbox, HTML signatures, IMAP or POP3 access, and protection against spam. Namecheap has a Two-Factor Authentication system that provides a high-security level. 

  1. MXroute

MXroute provides unlimited accounts and domains to its users. It allows for mail forwarding, efficient spam filtering, superior security, and effortless use. It is the best option for enterprises and companies that require numerous email accounts and domain names to sustain their businesses. 

  1. Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is a highly reliable email hosting service that helps create a custom domain name unlike the others of its kind. It has a considerable storage space and provides access to various collaboration services like Messenger, Notes, Calendar, etc. Yandex Mail offers unlimited mailboxes, anti-ads, anti-virus features, and spam filters. 

  1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail offers an exceedingly high level of security and receives emails via encrypted messages. It allows the users to send a one-time message that self-destructs after a specific period, maintaining confidentiality. Moreover, ProtonMail offers autoresponders, support for multi-users, ProtonVPN, catch-all feature, unlimited folders, etc. 

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