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PDF files are the most used file format these days. With this pandemic going on, the use of sending virtual files and documents are efficient and safe. We tend to submit or send our files via e-mail instead of printing them out and send them personally. It’s better safe than sorry. Alas, our health is more important than our job, right?

Let’s say you are about to send a project consisting of various types of images via. Sending them one by one would be wasting too much time. You can cut most of the workload if you can just convert all the images into a PDF with a much smaller memory and send it one time. GoGoPDF will help you convert all your images into PDF efficiently and effectively.

How To Convert JPG To PDF

With GoGoPDF, converting your image files to PDF has never been easier. With a measly number of clicks following the straightforward and brief instructions step by step, you can convert jpg to PDF so quickly, which has a smaller memory size, to send them one time instead of sending them one at a time. That way, you can save so much time for other stuff.

So the first step of the conversion is to get or upload your image file from your device, or you can drag the files and drop them in the conversion box; either ways work. After uploading, you have to choose the following format from the options. After deciding the output format, click convert and wait for the conversion to finish the process. Lastly, download the converted file.

GoGoPDF’s JPG To PDF Converter’s Key Features

GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF Converter’s online service merges multiple image files into a PDF file. To make the conversion efficient and effective for your convenience, GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter features a drag-and-drop function to make it easier for you to add multiple images in a couple of clicks. Here are the featured functions of GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter.

JPG To PDF Conversion

Are you stuck with a lot of images on your device that you need to sort out? You don’t have to worry about that. GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter tool transforms all your image files into PDFs. You can also merge multiple images into a single PDF file. Simply upload your file or files, wait for the conversion to finish, and download your newly converted PDF file.

Fast Processing Speed

With GoGoPDF JPG to PDF converter tool, you can convert your image files into PDFs within less than sixty seconds. Just upload your JPG files and documents into the conversion box to hastily convert them into a PDF file. When the initial file has been uploaded, you can select the options to adjust the sizing, positioning, and margin of your PDF file however you like.

Not In JPG Format? No Problem

GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter tool functions as an all in one image to PDF converter tool. That said, even if your image file isn’t a JPG, as long as it’s an image file, you can still make it work with GoGoPDF’s converter tool. GoGoPDF accepts image files such as PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF image file formats.

Universally Supporting All Platforms

GoGoPDF’s converter tools, including JPG to PDF converter tool, is universal. GoGoPDF is fully functional with most major operating systems, namely Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Moreover, it is also accessible on most online browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and many more.

Privacy, Security, And Confidentiality

You don’t have to be uneasy or hesitant about uploading files or images that contain personal information because, with GoGoPDF, your files and documents are their priority. GoGoPDF utmostly respects the privacy and security of its users. All the files you and the server upload are automatically deleted one hour after the process.

Everything’s Happening In The Cloud

WIth GoGoPDF, everything, including the process of the conversion, is happening online. You don’t have to bother installing unwanted software on your device. The conversion happens in the cloud, which means your CPU is saved from any capacity.


Image files tend to be messy and unorganized. It makes you wish there’s a fast and easy way to arrange them in only a number of clicks. But say no more; GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter tool will save the day. To efficiently and effectively sort out your photos and images on your library, for whatever purpose, experience GoGoPDF’s JPG to PDF converter tool.

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