Smart alternatives for driving more regular traffic to a website in 2019

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Struggling with traffic is a dilemma for most website owners these days. This mostly happens when the overall strategy of the website is lacking something.

With numerous websites offering the same products and services, website owners cannot afford to be slow and wait for things to happen. A proactive approach is absolutely necessary.

Well, the main purpose of these alternative strategies is to increase the domain authority, and by doing this getting more organic traffic. For SEO professionals, it’s important to use Domain Age Checker tool to find out the growth of their website’s domain.

Problem Analysis of low traffic

If you have been monitoring the traffic on your website regularly, you would know exactly when the drop is occurring. If you notice a drop, do not reach conclusions immediately.

To start with, you need to go through a problem analysis phase and determine why the traffic is going down. This would help you in gauging a solution. This is not guesswork by any means. Every website that is losing traffic may have a different reason behind it.

Here are some of the common alternatives you need to look at if the traffic rate of your website starts falling.

  1. Absence of long tail keywords

The trends of keywords change regularly and website owners need to keep up with them. Long tail keywords target more specific audience. We can go through an example to gain more understanding.

Consider that you want users to use the keywords “quality plumbing services” to reach your website. However, these keywords would be targeting all companies offering plumbing services in the world. On the other hand, long tail keywords slim down the number of companies and produce more specific results.

If we go through the example mentioned above, using the keywords “quality plumbing services in New York” would produce lesser results. These keywords would obviously be used by people residing in New York. Thus, it can be said that long tail keywords can help in targeting potential buyers who are being targeted.

  • If the keywords being used are not specific, it would be hard for your website to get preferred by visitors. This is because the number of alternatives would be very large. Thus, using long tail keywords is a positive aspect if you want more people to reach your website. If the traffic rate of your website is dropping, this might be one of the reasons.
  1. Internal links not present

It is not good to have a website without internal links. There is no doubt that the importance of an internal linking structure is high.

When a user lands on a website which he does not know a lot about, he needs assistance about how the structure of the website has been built.

New users face several issues when they are moving from one page of the website to the other. These issues are taken care of if an internal linking structure has been provided.

In this way, users do not need to search for the page they wish to visit. For example, it would be hard to move from the “home page” to the “FAQ” page if an internal linking structure is not in place. Thus, if you do not have an internal linking structure, it may be the reason behind reduction of traffic rate.

  1. No Landing Page

Some websites do not have a landing page and users end up on the home page directly. Considering the present competition between websites, having a landing page is necessary.

It not only gives an introduction to the user but can also be used for promotional purposes. For instance, if you have recently launched a discount offer, present in on the landing page. Customers who get attracted to the offer would click the link to visit the website home page.

This can is a smart strategy because for new customers, it is not that easy to digest the information provided. A landing page encourages customers to visit the website and glance at the product line offered. If the traffic on your website has been dropping in the recent times and you do not have a landing page, having one would definitely improve things.

  • A landing page is obviously not like a home page or services page. It should have selective information presented in a catchy manner. Do not use an overly promotional tone or the standard content layout for this page. In other words, it should not be conventional in any manner.
  • Use catchy statements for the landing page. Keep the content simple and make sure that it has been presented in a unique manner. In an overall manner, a landing page should be different as compared to the other pages because its purpose is to drive traffic.
  1. The inclusion of visual content

It is a simple and undoubted fact that visual content has a lot more impact that text content. When you have pictures and videos as a part of the content, the overall theme becomes a lot more colourful.

People do not ignore your web content. On the other hand, if your web content comprises of simple text, it is hard to get regular visitors on the website.

  • Today, people search for images and videos directly through Google. If you have not uploaded visual content on your website, your website link would not be displayed in front of the users.
  • In terms of visual content, the use of videos and images helps in retaining customers as well, No one has the time to read several lines of text and then decide whether the product matches their requirements or not. Compared to written text, it is much easier to gather requirements about the brand by watching a video or looking at a set of images. This is the reason why websites with visual content easily get more traffic.


A good rate of traffic obviously means that the brand would get more business. If people are not visiting your website, it simply means that they would spend time or money on what you offer.

Keeping a close eye on rate of traffic is essential. If the traffic count has been dropping and you have not been checking, you would never know when your website would disappear from the list of results.

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