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Distance Learning: Technology for International Education


The 21st century has brought us a lot of new inventions and innovations for work of all types in different places, and did not gone pass by schools, colleges,and other educational institutions.

We can easily say that everything is somehow connected with education has been affected by the new technologies and with that being said, we have to look at some of the best of them and decide whether their influence was good for the development of education system or has it created a new way down, which began to regress.

Well, in this article, we are going to talk about distance learning — the new creation of our generation.

To be precise, we cannot say that this is a 100% creation of our generation, because we have seen many cases when the distance education was used in the last century by schools for those who couldn’t go to school on their own. Therefore, they received all the materials at their discretion themselves. This is what our grandparents would call a distant education. But now we can say that the situation has changed and the distance learning has become a totally new thing.

The current generation will undoubtedly give you a different definition of distance learning than their parents, as these days’ things have changed and distance learning does not mean that you can get your school information yourself without attending school, but you can actually get a huge amount of information that you will be able to use later from online distance learning courses that offer a lot of opportunities. Moreover, today you can get any help online and everything you need will be there. For example, you can easily buy a cover letter online, and after that use it wherever you need it.

How technology  help in distance Education?

So, we can say that with the rise of the technology things have changed so that we can easily get all the needed information from any point of the world at any time and with almost any device that has a connection to the Internet. If you need any information, you can literally just go online, search for a video on YouTube and you will get instructions on how to do this or that.

This works with all types of works that you want to learn or need help with. We can see that these technologies made it possible to learn something new that otherwise would cost us a lot of money. For example, learning a foreign language with the tutor always costs money, but when you surf the Internet you can find hundreds of threads that will lead you to the best courses that are free, and there is nothing to be afraid of. Authors earn money by using technology that pays them for every point they get or every like because users liked the video.

Looking at all this, a logical question arises:is there any chance to somehow get the info which is only available to a certain group of people, because it was created especially for the individuals that had to use it as the tutorial or some other kind of help. This information was not available to the general public, as they could potentially change something in the work of the technology. Therefore, companies used to hide such info. Well, some of books and manuals that were previously unavailable, are already accessible online, but still, a lot of resources are not published yet.

Even some of them are still being protected by the strongest firewalls, and the newer the file is, the more likely that someone will try to hack it.

All this leads us to the issue of international education and such technologies. We can say that there are many ways that they will cross each other. First of all, they engage when we are talking about the fact that nowadays people have a wide variety of choice of where to study or not.

Sure, with modern technologies everyone has a chance to get that knowledge that universities give in other countries. Moreover, innovative technologies give us an ability to listen to some lessons live, which makes it a perfect thing for those who want to go abroad, as it is much easier to get information and understand it with cameras and the teachers’ conversations. We can call many times that scientists have tried to research this question. However, we can always see that the difference between the two situations is huge.

The second time when we can talk about this is when we are talking about hackers and those who call themselves pirates. They are the ones who steal data from the other users.

In some cases, you will see them going a weird way, they will try to steal educational texts. And, as a rule, they succeed in this, since educational information servers are usually weak. Thus, it is easy to get the info about the best colleges all around the world and then sell slides or some books etc.

This allows some people from developing countries to get valuable information for free.

In the end, we can say that international education will benefit most from distance learning as students can finally listen to lectures of the best professors from all around the world, without visiting the auditorium. Moreover, we are now able to give kids from poor countries to get a high-quality education, as now they are able to get access to the information of the highest class, which can allow them to get money for the better life.

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