Developers Guide to Use the Impact Font in Mobile Apps

How many times have you seen unpleasant visual apps on your mobile? And how quickly you uninstall these apps without even considering their purpose.

This ugly look of any mobile app might be because of its font. The impact of fonts in any enterprise is so important, developers must take care of this aspect, especially while delivering the brand message.

To develop a responsive app, you must maintain your textual information’s legibility. The spacing and alignment are also vital to present eye-friendly content for its viewer. If you want to know more about choosing the right typeface for your android apps, stay tuned and continue reading.

System Font Vs Custom Font

You will notice plenty of default typefaces on both Apple and Android operating systems. You can improve the overall look of your mobile app with any of these formats. If you use the Roboto fonts family, it will be more supportive of various alternative languages and show off its presence on any brand in its store list because of its clean personality.

If you are looking for a flashy format for the design of your android app, then you can implement a custom typeface in your style. Of course, you have to make sure about the legibility of your textual information. The custom font may not support the substitute languages but adds great visual effects to your brand and make it a unique identity. It is a bit harder to implement or takes time to load.

Here the designers should choose one option from the system or custom typeface very wisely and according to the nature of their brand so that the overall design and business message of the brand will not be affected.

How to Choose an Ideal Typeface for any Mobile App?

It is so important to choose a font that is consistent on a variety of screens. As a pro designer, you must convey your mobile app’s purpose through a visual hierarchy. You can trust the sans-serif typeface impact font as it can easily integrate with android operating system fonts and make your textual information legible. Besides this, you can follow the instructions to pick any other fonts family:

Check its Digital Support

In the current scenario, you can modernize your mobile app designs with the digital support of your typeface. You should adopt fonts with the margin to combine other typefaces and craft a well-structured format in your design. This will give an engaging feel to its viewer and create a harmonizing effect for any enterprise.

Typography Psychology

If you want to become a real pro designer, then you must learn the psychology of typography. It will help you to learn the art of choosing any font style at the first sight. Although this gesture will take time, once you have full command of this skill, you can choose the right typeface for your mobile apps within seconds.

Many pro designers can’t understand typography’s psyche and will get confused while picking the right font for their designs. It is necessary to learn this art quickly for quick results.

Is it Legible?

The readability issue is important to both brand owners and viewers. You need to maintain legible content in all of your designs. Similar to the case of mobile apps, all the textual information in your design must be legible. Make sure that your reader will not get bored or irritated by your design.

Less is More

The font combination is another important aspect to look for. The pro designers must maintain a proper matching or contrast between different textual data lines and give their consumers a hieratical view. Moreover, a mixture of two fonts is more than enough, so you need to stick yourself to it.

If you are combining different fonts for a single style, you must make sure that they can contrast each other as well. It will maintain a visual hierarchy for your mobile app enterprise.

Color Palette

It’s so tough the choose the right color palette for every android app. For every design, many designers take years to learn this art and the right feel of color choice separately. Every UI/UX designer should adopt this basic typography rule to maintain their mobile app’s visual impact.

Must Test it

Lastly, you need to test a variety of typeface styles on a single design and then finalize a suitable font for your android or iOS app. Once you get the right balance of typeface with your design, you can adopt it. It is necessary to test different typefaces multiple times and view it from different angles to look good from the naked eye.

Important Things to Consider While Picking any Typeface

If some of the famous fonts are coming into your mind for your next UI design, then wait! There are still some factors left that you must consider in your android app designs for choosing the most potential font. Let’s quickly go through these vital factors:

Legibility of Font

The consumers of any brand can trust on mobile app only if the information is easily readable. Your viewer will quickly become irritated or bored with your app if it is not legible. If you have added useful information to your mobile app, and it is illegible, how can the viewer give it value? Therefore, ensure that your chosen typeface’s style hasn’t contained any legibility issues.

Fonts Weight and its Availability

Your selected typeface must have the tendency to change its state in multiple weights. It will give you the luxury of your mobile app users to alter the letter strokes of its text according to their own taste. If you design a custom typeface for your android or iOS app, you can easily deliver multiple font weights to your consumers.

How Accessible is the Font

Another decisive factor in choosing the typeface is its accessibility. Of course, there are zillions of free fonts easily accessible online for free. You can download and apply them to any of your mobile enterprises. Now it’s the designer’s responsibility to decide about this accessibility issue whether to go for a free option or choose a paid typeface for their designs.

Some Famous Free and Paid Typefaces for Mobile Apps

Here comes our bonus section! Here we have compiled a list of a few typefaces which are easily accessible for free. Moreover, if you are looking for a paid font for your next mobile app project, then you can also trust our paid fonts to give full value for the textual information of your mobile app. You will surely agree with the popularity of these typefaces, and they can be selected according to your design project. You can test a variety of following typefaces and choose the best fit for your mobile app:

10 Best Free Mobile App Fonts

  • San Francisco
  • Proxima Nova
  • Montserrat
  • Lato
  • Playfair Display
  •  Open Sans
  • Nexa
  • Source  Sans
  • Nunito
  • Roboto

10 Best Paid Mobile App Fonts

  • Helvetica Now
  • Gotham
  • Brandon Grotesque
  • Aeonik
  • Avenir Next
  • FF Meta
  • Sabon
  • Freight Text
  • FF Din
  • Sangbleu

Pro Tips for Using Correct Fonts for Mobile Apps

If you have learned all the goals of choosing a perfect typeface for your mobile app, still you need to remember the following tips and tricks to you improve the overall design of your app:

  1. The context of your design must be matching with your font size.
  2. Spacing and alignment are two crucial elements for any typeface; you must take care of both factors in your mobile app design.
  3. Your preferred font must show off the message of your brand.
  4. Must ensure that the minimum font size for any of your textual lines is legible.
  5. Try to maintain the right hierarchy of your content.
  6. If you think a paid typeface is necessary for any design, then you must go for it.
  7. Must focus on the headlines.
  8. Maintain the harmony of your mobile app designs with the right font.
  9. Never mix many typefaces in a single enterprise.

Which Typeface is Best for any Mobile App

Most UI/UX designs may attract your audience, but you must make them responsive to inspire the brand owners. If you want to make your designs really effective for any mobile app, then you can go for Impact Font, which is an ideal option for most Android apps and show off an ideal visual hierarchy of text on every mobile screen.

To make things more legible for mobile users, you must ensure the readable size of your typeface with perfect alignment and spacing. You can either go for a paid or free font according to the demand of the brand. Now it’s time to say Good Luck with your Choice!

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