14 Things to Know Before a Choosing a Photo Booths for Your Special Event

More than anything else, a photo booth is a surefire way to add extra fun and color to your events. Hosts and guests alike can have a pictorial relic of past events with them for a lifetime merely by stepping into the booth.

When it comes to new york-based photo booths like Studio Z, there are vital things to know before booking a session for your special event.

Like to know them? Read on to learn what you must keep in mind.

1. Watch Out for Size

When trying out different photo booths, be on the lookout for their sizes. The more spacious it is, the merrier your event will be. Open-air booths like the ones operated by Studio Z can accommodate adequate people while producing stunning pictures with great angles.

2. Check Out Reviews

As a potential customer looking to patronize a brand, it’s always a smart decision to spend valuable time reading through reviews given by old patrons.

Studio Z Photo Booths, New York, runs an official website utilizing their esteemed patrons as case studies to give their prospective clients an idea about their service.

Go through the pictures and reviews available on the website to get a little experience of their booths even before hiring them.

3. Look Out for Quality

Oftentimes we ask customers never to compromise price when seeking quality service. Unfortunately, some businesses name their price but never meet expectations.

To enjoy the most of your money at a photo booth, ensure you’re looking out for quality. Don’t subscribe to photo booths with cheap printers or equipment that ruin pictures.

Before going to Studio Z photo booths, New York asks for a sample of their work. You can also click on the “view event photo” on their website to see their previous jobs. Some of the qualities you should search for about their service include lighting, creativity, and see what cutting-edge technology they possess.

4. Find Out If They Have an Insurance Plan

You won’t be asking too much if you inquire from your prospective photo booth if they have an insurance plan in place. Events are unpredictable, and accidents may occur for any reason. An insured photo booth covers all guests throughout the event.

5. Image Size

What you intend to do with your pictures should determine if you’ll be booking a booth session with Studio Z. Would you like to enlarge your photos to decorate your home or office? Contact the booth to know if their image size is fit for enlargement.

6. Know Their Responsibilities

A great event is one void of lapses and disorganization. A photo booth is an integral part of your event and, as such, shouldn’t appear haphazard.

Contact the photo booth you want to hire to know what their responsibilities entail during your event.

Do they have a booth butler or attendant? Will they be setting up the booth, overseeing it, and be responsible for how your guests maximize the booth?

It’s essential to get yeses to these questions so your guests can relish their booth experience.

7. Gallery Hosting

What’s a photo booth without an online gallery to host the pictures of patrons in this digital age? All images are essential for memory, and even a bad one can make a good memory in the future.

So inquire from any photo booth that piques your interest if they have a gallery that can feature all your photographs, then you can decide which one to download among them. 

However, when it comes to Studio Z, they possess an online gallery where customers can find and download their pictures instantly and even share them directly to their social media platforms. iPhone users can also enjoy this opportunity.

8. The Price

All services have a price tag, and a photo booth isn’t an exception. Moreover, services are available in ranges tailored to meet customers’ needs. Contact your choice of photo booths to find out their service way before the event.

You can always try out more options if you feel uncomfortable about a particular booth’s packages. Go on google and search for “photo booth near me” if you aren’t aware of so many. Alternatively, google Studio Z photo booth rental in Queens, NY, if that’s your residence.

9. Time

Time is an essential factor during your session at the booth. Consider your guest numbers before booking a booth session. Also, reach out to your photo booth studio to know how many hours they offer customers.

10. Ask If They Have GIFs

Not all booths have gifs. However, Studio Z offers both animated gif and boomerang gifs to give their customers an unusual experience.

All it takes is to gather a certain number of shots taken and compile them into an animated gif. Also, they make boomerang gif by creating brief looping videos for their esteemed customers. You should have a feel of it to see the wonders of this offer.

11. Customization Options

In case you’re hosting a corporate event, it’s nice to customize your pictures to promote your brand better on social media. 

Lucky for you, Studio Z booths offer customization options like set design, backdrops, microsites, vinyl booth wraps, branded prints, and social kiosks service to interested customers.

12. Slow Motion Effect

Slow-motion effects add a touch of elegance to pictures. At Studio Z, you can get your photos to move at different speeds and even joined with animated overlays and videos to give you a one-of-a-kind outcome.

13. If They Have a Virtual Photo Booth

The world has moved online. More so during critical times when people can’t help but remain indoors, life must go on with virtual online booths to create fantastic memories still.

Studio Z has a virtual event photo booth that captures boomerang, gif, and still photos. It supports any browser, doesn’t require app installation, and can cover any size events.

14. Ask About Green Screens

It’s boring to have just one background throughout pictures featuring many faces. All Studio Z booths have green screens that allow guests to spice up their photos with a different background that matches their taste or dress.

By making due inquiries about the above qualities, you’re on your way to knowing what a great time in a Studio Z photo booth feels like for anyone.

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