Where to Buy the Best GPL Licensed WordPress Themes and Plugins? [Ultimate Guide]

WordPress themes and plugins are essential building blocks that you need in order to create and manage your WordPress based website. In fact, you need WordPress themes for setting up your WordPress website. Plugins help you take care of adding more functionality to your site and so much more.

With the ever-increasing demand for WordPress themes and plugins, people are looking for platforms that they can use to buy the themes and plugins. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best websites that can be used for downloading premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Stick with us till the end to learn everything there is to learn about identifing most popular websites themes and plugins and also about the best marketplace for High Quality themes and plugins.

WordPress plugins are add-ons that allow you to add additional functionality to your WordPress website. With these plugins, it becomes much easier for you to optimize and manage your WordPress website. For example, the Contact Form 7 and HubSpot integration plugin enables seamless data transfer from your WordPress forms to your HubSpot CRM, allowing for efficient lead management and enhanced marketing automation. This integration helps streamline your workflow, ensuring that all your customer information is centralized and easily accessible for your sales and marketing teams.

How to identify any of the WordPress Website Themes or Plugins?

Identifing WordPress websites and themes is a comman question for the every WordPress developer and affiliate marketer to optimize website for the search engines as well as for the users.

Nowadays, a huge variety of WordPress tools web pages are accessable on the internet. You can try the some of the recommanded WordPress themes and plugins detection tools including WordPress website theme detector and wp plugins detector which helps you to identify the wp themes as well as the plugins and free forever.

Why Use WordPress Themes & Plugins?

Before we learn about the best platform for WordPress themes and plugins, let’s talk a little bit about the reasons why you would want to use WordPress themes and plugins.

  • WordPress themes help you create an engaging website design in an easier and interactive way. With WordPress themes, creating a website is now easier than ever.
  • You can find free, paid as well as have custom WordPress themes made for your websites design needs. This takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders. You can go on and use any of these themes to create the exact website design that you want.
  • WordPress plugins are add-ons that allow you to add additional functionality to your WordPress website. With these plugins, it becomes much easier for you to optimize and manage your WordPress website.   

Srmehran Club – Best Marketplace for GPL WordPress Themes & Plugins

Srmehran Club offers its users the biggest collection of GPL licensed WordPress themes and plugins that you can find out there. We have been using this website for downloading themes and plugins for creating and optimizing many of our websites.

The thing that sets Srmehran apart from the rest of the themes and plugins providers is their easy to use website design and the amazing features that they have to offer.

Let’s go over some of the most amazing benefits that you get with Srmehran Club

Benefits of Srmehran GPL Themes And Plugins Club

1. Wide Range of Themes and Plugins

Srmehran offers a massive range of WordPress themes and plugins that you can download 24/7. As of this date, Srmehran currently has over 12,000 WordPress & WooCommerce themes and plugins that its members can get access to, depending the kind of membership plan that they have.

Srmehran has taken the ease of use and access for their users to a whole new level. They have excellent customer support which is there to help the users at all times. You can find all the popular themes and plugins from this website and in erasable price range. You can find custom made themes as well as premium quality themes at Srmehran. 

2. GPL Licensed Themes & Plugins

All the themes and plugins at Srmehran are provided to its users under the terms and conditions of GPL license. Srmehran have purchased the original products from the actual developers and have made the products available for the users in affordable rates.

Srmehran doesn’t sell cracked or nulled versions. All the products here are completely original and are free to be used in any way you want to. You can download, use and modify the themes and plugins in any way you want to. The products are GPL licensed so you won’t have any kind of licensing issues with Srmehran themes and plugins.       

3. Affordable Membership Plans

Srmehran offers a wide range of membership plans for their users. Unlike most Themes providers, this website has about 5 different plans that you can choose from. Here are the membership plans that Srmehran is offering

  • Standard ($29 per month)
  • Semester ($59 per month)
  • Premium ($89 per year)
  • Lifetime ($107 Lifetime with limited downloads)
  • Super One ($649 Lifetime with unlimited)

So, you can see the flexibility in terms of members plans that Srmehran has to offer. You can choose a plan that works the best for you and go with that.  

4. Srmehran Plugins

The Srmehran -GPL Club also has some useful plugins that they have developed for their users to make the website management process easier.

The automatic update plugin by Srmehran is a tool that can be used by the members to get instant updates for the themes and plugins that a user has installed, without having to visit the Srmehran website.

The templates kit plugin allows the user to see and download all the Elementor themes and blocks available at Srmehran, through the interface of the tool. There also an amazing tool like the toolkit update which allows the members manage the update for their WordPress themes and plugins from this plugin.

All these amazing tools are free to use by Srmehran club members.   

Wrapping Up

There are a lot of platforms that are offering WordPress themes and plugins, but if you are looking for the best marketplace then we recommend going to Srmehran. We have been using their services for years and we are quite satisfied with what they have to offer.

Plus, their customer support is super friendly and extreme fast. Which makes Srmehran ideal for beginners. Make sure to check out Srmehran and all the features that they have to offer. If you have any questions about this platform, let us know in the comments section down below.     

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