Best YouTube Marketing Strategies 2018

The YouTube platform is globally used and trafficked by millions of viewer throughout the globe. Approximately, there are 13250 million worldwide YouTube users.

On an average, a minimum of three hundred plus hours of video is uploaded on the platform each passing minute which makes it at an average of five hours of video each second.

This hugely supports and validates the factor of growth in the sector of video marketing in the recent era. People mostly like, comment and subscribe on top YouTuberschannels, which naturally increases the views on their posts that are of great interest.

For all types of online and offline-based marketers and business owners, video marketing through YouTube has proved to be one of the essential strategies. The video marketing brings advantages and associated benefits for both the marketers and the owners as the world population is inclined towards social video platforms.

The plan must be calculated effectively and implemented to fetch the best possible results to stay up in the level of competition that could create a positive pathway for the business.

The following are the steps that can be taken by the top YouTubersall around the world to get the maximum productivity out of the implementations:

Proper research and Analysis

Research and Analysis is considered to be the most effective initial step towards video marketing of content. Understanding the viewer’s perception and targeting a specific group are the main concerns that a YouTuber must have in their minds before starting with the content of the video.

Dividing the content into parts and adding interest ideas in the possible smartest manner can prove to be of significant advantage for the video posted on the platform. The best content can be put up on the channel by seeing and studying the competitors who post a similar video on their channels and how people react to it.

The reaction of people marks the success of the video either positively or negatively, and proper analysis and fixations on the parts can prove to be of great benefit.

Content creation and usefulness

Main part of a successful content can be developed by knowing and understanding the considerations of the viewers. The more interacting is the content, the more viewers are likely to view the posts.

The reason for the success of video marketing is that the videos tend to be more engaging and personal that touches the heart of people compared to any method of advertisement campaigns. The main point of focus must be kept at the interest rate of the viewer’s towards the content, the more useful and creative the content, the more are the chances of better productivity.

The point where people lose their interest on the content it is likely that they would skip and end the video to switch over to another video because there is no limitation for the entertaining videos available on the platform.


There are a lot of top YouTubers on the platform who have gained much fame and can be possibly termed as a celebrity on YouTube; they tend to build huge fans and follower base through their post on the channels.

Partnering with the giants on the platform can incur enormous profits for the beginners and the marketers. This can be one of the most effective strategies towards video content marketing and can naturally drag the attention of several people towards the channel quickly.

Website Linking

This proves to be another major advantageous aspect which can be implementedstraightforwardly. It is also one of the most convenient and easy methods to incur massive traffic on a website. This can be done by adding the link in the description part or annotation can be added on the video itself. This has given a boost to the several marketers and business owners in the most productive way.

Call to action

Buttons can work wonders if the content of the video can create positivity in the minds of the viewers; these buttons are termed as Call-To-Action (CTA) and prove to be a major strategy towards marketing through YouTube videos. The content of the video must be useful if one needs the viewers to subscribe on their channel.

For beginners, the viewers can be asked to like and subscribe the video channel so that they can receive notifications regarding more relevant updates posted by the admin of the channel. Creating calls to actions on the videos can actively engage viewer interest, and the results can be visible in a short span of time.

However, the content of the video profoundly influences the perception of viewers, and the marketers can understand the inclination or the drift of productivity in a quick span of time if their videos receive appreciation.


Maintenance of a standard through regular posts and videos once the users start liking a channel can be of great benefit for the business. Writing the scripts for videos, filming, and several other factors associated with the same can be of great hassle at times.

However, overcoming all barriers and giving the viewers with what they desire can prove to be of high profits. This can incur huge traffic with regular maintenance as people can often generate a reliable perception and positive mindset towards the channel. This is one of the most significant and vital methodologies to keep the viewer’s expectations to a higher level and make them believe in the content of marketing.

Consistency is the key to success that most of the businesses look forward. Quality of the videos must be maintained along with the consistency of video posting. The advertisement strategies that are well-formulated with thoughtful and balanced content that the viewer tend to like can gain huge benefits that too in a consistent manner for the online marketers.

Final Word

One of the most visited and the largest platform throughout the internet across the world is YouTube. YouTube has served to be a place which can incur high volume traffic in the easiest manner possible. With the implementation of all effective strategies and planning to develop content on the platform that is liked by many can increase great volumes of traffic to the channels and thus create positivity boost for higher and more productivity gains.

Some of the best practices include engaging content formulation, SEO, and many other search ranking increasing methods through which the videos can instigate interest for viewers, and in return, there can be a productive benefit for the marketers and business owners through these campaigns and advertisements.

The power of YouTube get the world under the fingertips of the marketers and is a globalised platform using which businesses and firms can grow through ads as these advertisements do not tend to be limited in any aspect rather it reaches millions of global viewers.


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