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Programming languages, best among other frameworks for code testing, Best frameworks for writing and processing code. All these make the programming industry move forward. But what makes the whole stuff sticking together, what makes it alive actually? The answer is fast and stable for any shutdown requests servers.

However, when it comes to Django servers, the options of servers to choose are a bit unlimited and it might be hard to realize which setup would be the most suitable solution. The challenge is that Django servers due to their different settings also have their advantages and disadvantages, but, nevertheless, provide a software deployment environment.

A deployment environment is an environment that provides a server for hosting websites for public launch and access. This environment includes:

  • Hardware for the website to run;
  • Operating system (Linux, Windows);
  • Runtime programming languages ​​(scripting) and libraries for your website;
  • A web server used for pages and other content servicing (Nginx, Apache);
  • An application server that transmits dynamic requests between the Django website and the web server;
  • The database for your website;

The server can be your own with a high-speed Internet connection, but the most common approach is to use cloud services. In the second case, your code will run on some remote computer, possibly virtual machine located in the hosting data center. A remote server usually provides a specific level of access to computer resources (processor, RAM, hard drives memory and so on) and an Internet connection for some price.

This type of remote access to the networking hardware is called Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Many IaaS providers offer pre-installation services for any operating system on which you can install the necessary components for your work environment. Other vendors suggest you choosing ready-made, fully-fledged work environments, possibly including Django and already customized web servers.

Some providers like Django Development Company use Django as part of their Platform as a Service (PaaS) offer. Using this type of hosting, you do not need to worry about most important parts of the environment – web server, application server, and load balancer, since the platform takes it all upon itself, even all the issues related to the growth and development of your application. In such a case, deploying an application is a completely simple task. The only thing you would need to concentrate is your application, not on the whole infrastructure.

Some developers choose a more flexible solution provided by IaaS, while others prefer to have the least overhead and simple scaling provided by PaaS.

If you choose a hosting with Python/Django support, then it should have instructions for installing the Django website, which takes into account various configurations of the web server, application server, reverse proxy, and so on. However, it does not matter if you chose PaaS.

There are more than a hundred well-known hosting providers who either actively support or work with Django. The full list of providers is available at Djangofriendly. These vendors provide different types of environments (IaaS, PaaS), in addition to different levels of access to computing and networking resources, at different prices.

Here are the most important things to look at when choosing a hosting:

  • How demanding your website are for computing resources;
  • Availability of adding more machines & switching to more powerful hardware and its cost;
  • Data centers location & the fasters access point;
  • Time of continuous operation of the hosting & maximum downtime;
  • The tools for website management, its simplicity, and security of their use;
  • Built-in frameworks for monitoring your server;
  • Limitations, like email blocking, payment for live time, or data space limitations;
  • Benefits like free domain names and SSL certificates support;
  • Free hosting expiration consequences & cost of migration to more expensive tariffs.

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