How to Market a Law Firm in the Digital Age

Before getting into tips on marketing a law firm in the digital age, come on answer this question.

Do you have time to play as a law firm marketing expert, while you are already busy playing as a leading attorney in your location?

Are you efficiently using your time by performing keyword research, Facebook ads or generating powerful backlinks?

Some attorneys use to think they can do everything themselves. You are smart but, are you aware of the dramatic change that’s been occurring in the marketing field.

It’s time for you to garner the marketing tips that can improve your marketing strategy online.

  1. Focus on Website User Experience

Statistics reveal that the enormous majority of people head straight for a law firm website when they are in need of legal advice. It is important to have a website with well-designed features and a strong marketing strategy, such as this scorpion law firm marketing strategy, highlighting the legal services.

Be perspicuous in conveying the message & direct the person in such a way that they turn into a lead. Your website should epitomize a call to action that increases your business.

I personally recommend you to use a web design specialist, who can design your website in a smart & professional way. Make sure your website is user-friendly and does not have poor navigation, long scrolls, heavy loading images, improper spacing.

  1. Incorporate Video Marketing in Your Design

 Video content offers an innovative experience for the user and moreover, it provides valuable information to the user more than the website text can.

The personal look of a well-done video can communicate a message of trustworthiness to the client who is already worried about making a large payment.

Your video gives an impact, and it changes the mind of the customer. Another added advantage of using video to a law firm is, video can be used for running a Facebook ad campaign in later. One of the best ways to capture new leads on social media platforms is video.

  1. Use Testimonials on Your Website

The inculcation of testimonial on your website can drive users to your law firm and stands as a trustworthiness, providing the best choice for the potential client.

The inclusion of testimonials serves two primary purposes.

  1. It highlights the happiness of the clients via your service & portrays your business in a larger view.
  2. It also serves as an extension for your legal services, providing more benefits to the clients for using your company.

You can also add the testimonials in a video, which can be used to run social media campaigns. Video creation with the client testimonial will create an impact and the video will be more justified.

Here are some points you can focus on video testimonial scripts:

  1. What’s the problem client faced & its uniqueness?
  2. How did you solve their problem legally?
  3. Would the client uses your legal services or recommend to someone again?
  4. Focus on the communication experience with your law firm?
  5. Website Speed is Key

 A website with poor loading speed is one of the main reasons for not achieving the good rankings in Google. If the website loads at a snail’s pace, it could affect both organic and paid as well.

You can experience the below-mentioned benefits when your website loads fast.

  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Low Bounce Rates
  • Extended Visitor Durations
  • Greater Overall User Experience

Poor loading speed of the website may cause due to unoptimized images, irrelevant code &scripts, poor template and, shared server. The constant management of the website is required, to check the bloated code underneath, to work on proper cache management, and to solve all the issues occurring and causing poor speed.

  1. The website should be Mobile Friendly

According to the Local SEO statistic, more than 80% traffic is derived from mobile, and so it is significant to create a website in a mobile friendly manner.

Moreover, everyone is searching for solutions to their issues through their smartphones. People usually don’t prefer laptops or desktops to search “DUI law firm”, so they prefer to opt for their smartphones.

It is most important to notice, how well the site is optimized, how fast the loading speed is, and how well the mobile-orientation navigation is. A slow loading speed can affect the rankings with Google, so it’s necessary to look at the website at multiple mobile devices. Attention on the load time and returned result are required.

  1. Focus your website with Google Analytics

 You can pay attention to your website and can focus on your audience by tracking the Google analytics report. Google Analytics is the most popular website interface that provides valuable metrics like the demographics of your audience, behavior of your audience, where they are from and how many pages they visit and also the bounce rate.

If you neglect to use it or least bothered to look at it, then you will lose in the battle against your competitors. You need to know your audience in every possible aspect. Google Analytics will surely help you in achieving that.

  1. Develop High-Quality Content

As you know, ” Content is king of SEO”, a valuable, unique and quality content should be there in your website that thrives more people to your website.

Blog and guest blogging is an effective marketing source you can use as an advantage and can rely on it for many vital purposes. High-quality content with appropriate design will draw more people to your law firms and they believe you as a legal expert whom they can trust in regards to your legal services. Sometimes, it is difficult to find enough time to write these posts yourself. Fortunately, with a good business writer you can save a lot of time.

Don’t forget to include relevant & high-quality links in your post which will improve your internet marketing. You may fall under Google’s view when you link to strong sources.

Moreover, make sure the content is easily understood and informative to the people who come to your website without any knowledge about your field. Get right tips for generating powerful backlinks through content marketing.

  1. Build Link with Authoritative Site:

Build the authoritative backlinks to your site which is a key to law firm SEO. White hat link building can be implemented, to acquire backlinks from the authoritative sites. Try to stay within the guidelines of Google when building your link and ensure you get the best results out of your SEO efforts.

You can achieve it by writing high-quality content and can publish it on other websites that accept your guest post article of your niche. Link building is one of the ways you can use to reach at the top of the page organically.

  1. Concentrate on Ads:

You can focus on advertisement like PPC, Facebook ads and remarketing. PPC ads are available with Google & Bing. You can run an ad by selecting the targeted audience. You can even choose the audience from the Facebook if you had a good sound for your brand on Facebook.

Target the audience by their demographics and psychographic information. Make sure you track the results once initiated. You should also track the clicks & conversions. Be keen on monitoring your CPC rate and a high rate indicates the problem in your targeting.

Remarketing enables you to target clients based on their behavior. For instance, you can use Facebook pixel to reach site visitors on Facebook. Someone who viewed at your firm’s page for personal injury law might react to a targeted ad on social media.

  1. Cultivate Client Referrals

One of the powerful tools in the marketing strategy is cultivating the customer or client’s referral. Referrals derived from friends, former clients or colleagues use to pull many leads. While it’s incredible that most law firms get their clients from referrals, it’s important to take into account that certain referrals don’t just happen on their own. Make it clear and allow people to know about your firm. There are many ways to acquire referrals and via customers is only one avenue.

Last Line:

 Do you want your law firm to stay top in the digital space? If you are keen to give the best chance of growing, it’s important to implement the tips mentioned above. These tips are worth implementing to get your law firm to stay top in the digital space. You can get success to ran high competitive keywords such as workers compensation attorney columbus, personal injury and other

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