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The internet boom has provided the social media to connect with people of various countries around the globe. What was once a single platform’s monopoly has now been neutralized by introduction of several other social media sites? The most important of them is Instagram, which has carved a separate place in the communication revolution with its ever increasing popularity. Its simplicity and modern features makes it user friendly. Everyone has started to suggest their friends and relatives to experience its awesomeness. No, not over over-hyped. Look at its features and decide it for yourself.

  • See what you liked:

Every social media present online expects their posts to be liked, commented and shared. People who maintain pages there, have even started buying likes for instagram, Facebook and YouTube, which makes their posts, appear familiar. When the news feed is full of entertaining and interesting posts, we tend to give like to every post while scrolling down. Later when we want to share how a great a meme or video was, it will not be effective as showing that post directly. Don’t worry, 300 of your recently liked posts will be stored in instagram and you can see them whenever you want it again.

  • Link to your Social Accounts:

In any social media site, you will see only a limited number of options to share to. In most of them, sharing to Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter are the common options. But through instagram, you can link your account to various social accounts such as Swarm, Ameba, Tumblr, Weibo, VKontakte and Flickr. This way you can make yourself popular by sharing it to various other platforms.

  • See where you are tagged:

Similar to viewing the posts you like, you can view the posts you are tagged in. Sometimes you have lot of friends and there is no better job a friend does than tagging you in every post he/she comes across. When you are loaded with notifications, it will be tiring for you to see everything. Instagram solves this problem by creating separate places where you can check out the posts you are tagged in. You can do this in your free time. Ignore this if you are someone who doesn’t augur well with getting tagged in innumerous posts.

  • Apps of Instagram:

Instagram is not just one app. There are three other supporting apps provided by instagram where you can do various stuffs before posting in Instagram. Those three apps are:

  • Layout- If it is a special occasion, like your girlfriend’s birthday, you will need to wish them with a beautiful collage. This app helps you create collages with various layouts and frames
  • Hyperlapse- These days, shooting normal videos are not just enough. The craze for creating slow motion videos is increasing more and more. This app allows you to create slow motion videos with perfect clarity
  • Boomerang- This app is used in making short videos with looping. 

After creating the things you need in these apps, you can export them to instagram for posting. You can also re-edit these videos in instagram and then post.

  • Save your posts:

You go through your news feed and you see posts which are interesting enough and but the environment is not suitable for you to see it. You will be thinking about the post all the time and how you missed what others have enjoyed. Instagram offers you an option to save the videos or photos you missed. This way you can save your posts to your personal collection and avail it later.

  • Violate gravity laws:

Are you a person who loves to play with gravity? Then instagram is the right place for you. There is a REWIND button in instagram, which allows you reverse action and violates gravitational laws. You can drop something like a glass of water, a cricket ball, a bottle, etcetera and you can seem them flying backwards through this option.

  • Download story:

If you are a person who posts awesome short stories on instagram, you can download these stories and post them in other social media accounts. This way your friends won’t miss out on stuffs you do here.


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