Benefits of Charter Spectrum

Are you living in an area where Charter Spectrum services are available and trying to figure out what services you should get? This can be a tough call. Choosing services generally depends upon what you need.

Spectrum is a service provider that offers internet, TV, and phone service along with mobile plans that are available to current Spectrum internet customers. So, Spectrum offers all the services that residential customers generally need. Now, if you need just the internet services or you are looking to sign up for bundles with internet and TV, Spectrum can cater to your needs in every way. However, finding the right bundle is something that requires a lot of research and effort on your part. You would have to visit several websites and spend hours comparing different plans and making sure the one you are thinking about is the right choice for you.

However, to make things easier for you, we have made all the research regarding Spectrum plans and deals, and what they incorporate. But before we get to that, you first need to make sure Spectrum services are available at your address.

How to make sure of Spectrum availability?

To see whether Spectrum offers services at your address or not, there are certain ways that you can use them. One option is that you can visit websites like localcabledeals or inmyarea, which give you a list of all the providers available in your area by entering your zip code. The second option to do so is to visit the Spectrum Partners website and enter your address to make sure whether the services are available or not. If the GIS indicator is green, that means you are good to go but if it is red, then that means your address is not eligible to get Spectrum services.

One other way to do so is to call Spectrum customer services and ask them about the serviceability by providing your complete address. They will check that for you and let you know whether Spectrum can offer services at your address or not.

Best Spectrum Services & Plans

Wondering about what Spectrum plans to go for? This list includes some of the best plans provided by Spectrum for Internet services standalone and internet & TV bundles. Let’s dig into these deals.

  • Spectrum Internet Ultra

Internet Ultra is a mid-tier high-speed internet plan with Spectrum that offers a download speed of up to 400 Mbps per month at a monthly price of $69.99. This plan offers a free internet modem to all customers while the router can be obtained from Spectrum by paying $5 extra every month. The router allows you to have WiFi services along with your internet connection. Moreover, there is no limit on your monthly data so you can use it as per your usage without worrying about reaching the data limit.

The best part with these services is that you will also get access to a network of nationwide WiFi hotspots. Through that, customers can get connected to the internet any time whenever they are near a hotspot, without paying any additional cost every month. There are no contracts and this is a monthly basis plan.

  • Double play silver

The second plan that is loved by Spectrum customers is Double Play Silver which is a bundle offer for Spectrum internet and TV. With this plan, customers get internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps to download with features such as no contract, unlimited data, and a free modem.

For TV, this plan offers 175+ channels with free HD, including some of the best broadcast networks, NFL, Showtime, and HBO. Moreover, customers get access to HBO Max for free when they sign up for the Silver bundle. Other TV channels such as Fox News, Travel Channel, History, Discovery, and many more are included as well that make your subscription worthy of the amount that you pay.

One more option that customers get with this plan is to customize their internet speed. For instance, if you are not satisfied with the 200 Mbps speed, you can upgrade it to other speed options such as internet Ultra or Internet Gig.

  • Triple Play Select

TP Select is another option that customers have when it comes to choosing the best plan with Spectrum. Through this plan, you can get internet, cable TV, and a phone bundle where the internet speed is up to 200 Mbps. Moreover, the TV channels that are available to customers with this plan are more than 125 channels while the phone service offers unlimited local and long-distance calling to all the US states along with Canada and Mexico.

The best thing here is that you are getting everything in one bundle and do not need to pay three different providers for these services. However, this plan does not include any premium channels or faster speeds such as 400 or 1 gigabit. If you would like to get those speeds, you would have to pay extra for that.

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