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Classified Ads are a great way to buy or sell products, and Backpage is one of them. But the problem is that Backpage is closing down. I know it isn’t good! However, we do not have to worry because there are many other sites like Backpage, too, where one can choose to meet and connect with other people.

Irrespective of the fact that whether you are looking for a casual meeting or for a reliable companion to go out with, these alternative sites of Backpage are the best you can have. So, let’s focus on that.

What is Backpage?

Backpage, one of the most popular websites for classified ads, sold anything from cars to electronics, jobs, events, and the buying and selling of goods. It was regarded as one of Craigslist’s biggest competitors.

However, Backpage also developed into the biggest platform for dating, buying and selling the product online. The US Department of Justice shut down the Backpage website in April 2018.

Best Backpage Alternative 2023

After researching different sites, these are some of the best Backpage alternatives I found. You can get some knowledge about it from here-

1. OfferUp

OfferUp is an online platform for buying and selling products, including anything from clothing, furniture, headphones, and guitars. Even if you can use it on your desktop, the app is more effective.

Additionally, unlike Craigslist, there’s a shipping option, allowing you to find items from across the nation as long as the seller is ready to ship their goods. It gives you additional choices as a buyer or seller. There is a “free” area on OfferUp, another fantastic feature that allows you to swiftly take advantage of items that individuals are attempting to eliminate.

2. PennySaver

Another well-known site for people like us who are constantly looking for ways to save money is PennySaver. You may look for listings for homes, cars and motorcycles, employment opportunities, services, and even pets!

The PennySaver has been running for over fifty years, and its original printed listings and mailers offer various methods to save money. This is another fantastic Backpage similar site with a local focus, so you may cut costs on anything from hiring a plumber to eating out.

3. Kijiji

If you live in Canada, Kijiji is a great other site like Backpage. There is a Kijiji Autos page specifically for people wishing to purchase or sell a car, and since it’s a Canadian website, you may browse in either English or French. You choose your region, followed by your city, just like with Backpage.

Similar to PennySaver, you can find almost anything on Kijiji so that you can save money on things likeapartments, cars,services, and even pets.

4. Pernals

Pernalsis an application that focuses solely on personal advertisements. You can explain exactly what you’re searching for (a romance, a casual hookup, a friend, etc.) by creating your ad for free. Backpage’s classifieds are directly competed with by even Personals itself.

Like Backpage’s personals page used to have relationship categories, they includewoman-seeking women, spiritual, man-seeking women, woman-seeking men, etc. It’s only accessible as an app, which you may download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

5. Gumtree

If you reside in the UK, Gumtree is undoubtedly one of your top possibilities because it is Craigslist in the country. You can review job listings, vehicles, video game consoles, apartments, etc.

Gumtree also offers the chance to rate the people you do business with, which can be a convenient tool as it gives you a better idea of someone’s reliability before you start working with them. Gumtree generally receives positive online evaluations because of its user-friendly interface.

6. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is unquestionably one of the best alternative for Backpage substitutes for romantic meetings. It refers to itself as “The World’s Largest Dating Site and Swinger Personals Community,” it boasts an incredible number of users—more than 100 million user accounts.

There is a free alternative, but it is fairly limited compared to the paying subscription tier, just like Ashley Madison. You can discuss your ideal dating life in chat rooms, vlogs, messages, and a (paid) tool called Stories so that other users can determine whether they have similar interests or aspirations.

7. Want Ad Digest

Like Penny Saver, Want Ad Digest has been published for over 50 years. This website caters to states like Connecticut, New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, etc., on the East Coast. You may locate watches, electronics, automobiles, campsites, and farm equipment using Want Ad Digest!

It has all the typical categories you’re used to seeing on other websites, concentrating on trucks, automobiles, power sports, boats, trailers, and other items.

8. Oodle

Oodle features characteristics that are eerily similar to those of older personal websites, including categories like “Women Seek Men,””Men Seek Women,” etc. Age is one of the available filters, which is useful if you want to focus your search.

Although it seems like few people use this site, it might be worthwhile. If you’re looking for something specific, it might not be the best option because, in my area, many more guys are posting on it than women.

9. Doublelist

Another website like Backpage is Doublelist. Signing up is required to browse their website, which has the phrase “Connect with straight, gay, bi, and curious!” This is one little bothersome element. So, using Doublelist, it is simple to determine what most individuals seek.

However, they assert more than three million members in the US, so you’ll likely find something you click with. Always be on the lookout for scammers and catfishers.

10. Bedpage

For anyone who resides in the US, Canada, Europe, or the Middle East, Bedpage is the ideal substitute for Backpage. This classified website‘s user interface (UI) is comparable to the Backpage’s. Bedpage is advantageous for customers and sellers because of its clearly defined parts and the option to publish under several categories.

It is important to note that Bedpage charges a minimum posting cost of $2 for each ad. You can move your adverts to the top of the list by paying a premium.Finally, Bedpage is protected from fraudsters.

11. Tinder

I don’t think that this one needs any introduction. Even your moms have heard about Tinder. But still, for those who do not know, Tinder is a dating application that has gone global. Because of the large popularity among GenZ and Millennials, several registered accounts exist.

The app Tinder is really simple to use. You come across haphazard profiles in your neighborhood that have pictures and scant text. Next, you swipe right to show interest or left to show disinterest. You will then be paired with individuals who you swipe right on and who also did so on your profile.

You can start messaging from there and proceed from there. Like other websites, Tinder offers a free edition and a paid tier (Tinder Gold) with more features and limitless swiping.

12. Kasual

Kasual, formerly Yumi, is a wonderful Backpage substitute because it is distinctive. You are randomly connected to someone instead of being matched up by an algorithm or swiping, so you can start a conversation and determine whether you two click.

The free version of this program, which is accessible for Android and iOS, is largely comprehensive. But you may always choose the Premium membership if you’d like. Because Kasual is so intensely focused on casual hookups (thus the rebranding name), it stands out from many hookup websites like Tinder.

13. Craigslist

If you live in the United States, you don’t need much of an introduction to Craigslist since it has been well-known for a while. I’m a great Craigslist supporter. It would help if you were on the lookout for fraud with any of the websites mentioned in this review. Still, I’ve had scores of simple, straightforward transactions with community members.

Despite the Backpage incident, Craigslist no longer has a “personals” section, but it is still one of the finest options if you’re trying to buy or sell something locally.

14. Facebook MarketPlace

For those who need to be made aware, Facebook also has a marketplace. As Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, it becomes the best replacement for the Backpage site. With the help of this reputable social networking site, you can easily purchase and sell items.

You can search for and join various trade groups on Facebook based on your location and areas of interest. Under the “Explore” menu are these groups.

Additionally, Facebook allows you to contact the seller directly to arrange your transaction. After joining, you may even publish advertisements for your goods in a group.


So, you have come across the reviews of these Backpage alternatives. However, they are not all equal but are great. In fact, some of them are much better. Hopefully, my research was helpful for people who are in the US. When using one of the less well-known websites, remember that while some may be fine, many seem to house a lot of scammers.

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