AssureSign vs. DocuSign

The eSignature software provides a fast and secure way to conduct negotiations. Furthermore, the software provides a fast and secure way to complete a transaction or sale. Electronic signature software is expected to become more in demand in the future. We suggest comparing AssureSign vs. DocuSign. Let’s look at the main features to understand how to choose the most appropriate solution.

AssureSign: Description

This product is offered by Third Party Verification, Inc. It was developed in 2006. It is a popular electronic signature software. It can be used by small and large businesses in order to automate the electronic signature process. This way you can speed up the workflow of signing and submitting documents.

AssureSign is a software tool that provides the possibility to get quick access to its functions. Any user can take advantage of it regardless of location. One advantage is that it can be run as a SaaS application on a mobile device or it can be installed on a PC.

The tool greatly simplifies document signing and provides such an option as group signing. You can reduce the workload of your employees, and your company’s transactions will speed up. This innovative e-signing solution is equipped with many sought-after features. Popular capabilities include the following:

  • possibility to incorporate account statistics;
  • emails with logos;
  • logo settings;
  • default handwritten signatures;
  • signature notification.

The software has ready-to-use connectors with Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. In this way, you can easily integrate eSign into various forms. The users get the ability to send, manage, and track documents. AssureSign provides the capacity to customize different processes and workflows based on company style and interactions with customers.

DocuSign: Description

DocuSign is a popular software tool that was launched in 2003. It is used to assist business entities in managing their electronic documents with ease. Since 2018, it has been a publicly available software product that serves millions of users almost all over the world.

This software is considered one of the best for electronic signatures and has similarities to PandaDoc. It is also great for cloud-based documents. The solution is reliable and it effectively accelerates the processes of managing important agreements.

This tool supports large and small business entities in various industries. Individuals can appreciate a large number of free features. DocuSign guarantees a fast and reliable process for signing and sending documents. Popular features include the following options:

  • reporting;
  • contract lifecycle management;
  • manageable forms.

One of the innovations in this tool is the cloud agreement, which provides everything the client needs to automate the approval process. One of the best things about the tool is that it offers a free trial for any client. You can use the tool for 30 days for free, and then you should purchase a paid subscription. During this time, you can determine whether the software is right for you.

Distinguishing Characteristics Between AssureSign and DocuSign

Both software tools were created with the aim to help business entities to control their document management processes and workflow in general, as well as to be able to take advantage of the possibility to get and use digital signatures. These software programs have some differences between them that you should know before choosing the right tool.

The first thing to know is that these software programs are supported by different platforms and therefore target different audiences. AssureSign has an industry-leading focus on insurance and IT companies. DocuSign focuses more on real estate, finance, and human resources. Accordingly, it offers specific solutions for each industry.

Most people prefer DocuSign because the software has over 400 integrations. This means that any software system will work perfectly. AssureSign, on the other hand, is more appreciated for its ability to collect electronic signatures on mobile devices.

Comparison of Electronic Signature Tools

The main reason to use AssureSign and DocuSign is to get reliable electronic signature software. AssureSign provides guarantees that users can sign a document regardless of their location. Compared to other software tools, AssureSign makes signing a document very easy and fast.

The user should complete a few simple steps. The application has relevant guidelines at each step that are easy to understand. You will be able to figure out how to follow the process of signing a document easily.

DocuSign is a software tool that will assist you and your employees in signing and sending required documents of any complexity to any specified recipients at any location. Mobile apps and virtual platforms can be used for this purpose. A free signature can be used every time. When the company receives the document, it has the capability to find tabs and additional instructions for easy use.

A detailed description of each of these software applications will help you choose the right tool. When doing so, consider the needs of your company

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