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Do you ever feel like you need a website, and then your thoughts swiftly shift towards back end developers, intricate HTML tags, complex CSS commands, and complicated program codes? Well, your wondering thoughts aren't wrong, geeky long codes are the edifice of a concretely running website, but your thoughts are just wandering in the wrong lane. The lane being wrong as in, yes, websites need full-fledged codes that string together a couple of flowery web pages into an admirable garland called the website.

But what if we were to tell you there are other ways to design your website, the other ways where you can envisage a website with colors, patterns, images, graphics, and links but no codes. Though codes would lay the foundation of that website that coding would not be your responsibility.

So, how about that? Now that we are fixated on you developing a website, especially the one that doesn't involve elaborate codes and baroque programmers, let's leap towards the question of how.

How can we get the websites that would liberate us from the shackles of back end coding and complex technicalities? Well, the answer to your question, as well as to your prayers, is CMS (Content Management System).

Content Management System

Well, the world of digital media fuels up on machine development and machine-friendly environments. This chaotic hustle bustle of machinery took a halt when the content management System (CMS) scheme entered the digital media market.

The content management system is basically an application that functions on a set of prefixed human-friendly instructions that lets you create a website on an interactive user interface.

This method of website creation does not involve direct coding at any stage, thereby easing up the profuse methods of manual coding in order to attain a simple working website. Therefore, this method allows you to entirely focus on the content of your interest instead of the backdrop content that does not fascinate you. Hence, it was painted out to be named as the content management system or CMS for short.

So, now that you are thorough with the details regarding CMS, let's see what all extensions have made and how many trends has it bagged since its market introduction to stay in digital marketing vogue.

Advanced CMS: An Extension Beyond Regular CMS

CMS was introduced to achieve a specific goal that is to trigger content out of talented people with zero programming background, and with time the technique evolved, taking a turn from generic concepts to specific goals. And this begins as the emergence of custom CMS, a much-welcomed advancement in the constructive field of digital media marketing.

The first trend came out to be an advancement, both in terms of team and technology. This includes the application of content marketing to fields that were earlier considered beyond its scope, for example, advertising. Yes, content media could generate ads that would successfully arrow the targeted audience, hence augmenting traffic and revenues. And all of this could be possible only because of a well versed CMS team.

Introducing AI

Have you ever paradoxically been questioned through AI mechanisms that: "Are you a robot?" Well, all of them are and why so, because the coming of ages witnessed the uprising of AI and hence our content market got AI-struck too, which in a sense is only the development we see. The rise in the numbers of chatbots has highlighted the increase in AI use. If we consider statistics, almost 50 percent of online content is inclined towards AI, which is not a wrong decision considering the augmentation in content skills via AI from 2015 to 2019.

An Inch Of Personalization Through Data Filters And Analysis

We mentioned that we are not to talk about technical aspects here, so let us just discuss the technique, that is, data personalization and how it changed the CMS scheme for good.

So, the addition of data personalization led to an enhanced performance of websites as this scheme included the filtration of user's data and then presenting them with similar contents, therefore displaying a cluster of similar contents that users search most about via cookies to improve site performance.

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