Adsense Alternatives- 7 Ad Networks That Will Approve Almost Any Site/Blog

If you’re reading this right now, then I have a few guesses about you – you need to monetize your website or blog, you need to do it fast and Google Adsense is not treating you well.

Or maybe you’re just curious and you want to find out about other Adsense Alternatives. Whatever the reason it is that you’re here, I’ve got you. Because today I’ll be showing you 7 different ad networks that will approve your blog almost instantly.

Top 7 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2018


This ad network has managed to make it to all the adsense Alternatives lists I have ever read. I wondered why they are so popular so I decided to try them out. My blog was approved instantly and they have a whole lot of ad formats for both mobile phones and pc.

It’s almost impossible not to make money with this network. As long as the traffic keeps coming, you’ll keep on making money with your website or blog. work on cpm, cpc and cpa model. Some of their ad formats include: banners, slide ins, pop-unders, footer ads, mobile dialogue and so on.


To monetize your blog using this network, all you have to do is to sign up, create a widget and add their code to your blog. They’ll start showing relevant ads on your blog instantly and your work there is done.

Note: most of their ads work on cpa model so your traffic need to convert before you can make good money out of them. That’s why they are so notorious for their low payout.

The kind of ads they will be displaying on your blog is native ad/ content discovery or content recommendation.

  1. Yllix Media(

This is a cpm, cpc and cpa network with a lot of ad formats. Their ad formats include – slide in, pop-under, mobile redirect, banner, interstitial among others.

They automatically approve all websites so you can start monetizing your website in less than five minutes.


Just as the site looks, they are one of the oldest ppc ad networks on the internet. The are notorious for accepting low quality websites but their pay can be ok sometimes.

Their ad formats include: banner, layer ad, pop-under, slide in and many more.

You can set your preferences and choose which ad format you don’t want to display on your blog.

  1. Ad-Maven(

It is simple to sign up with this network and all you need to do is add your site, create ad and copy the code on to your website.

Their ad formats include layer ad and pop-unders. Their cpm rate is good and they have a very simple interface.


This is a pop-under site and I won’t recommend them for your main website or blog.

According to my experience – they have the best cpm rate in the pop-under industry. They even allow you to set your own minimum cpm rate. That’s pretty cool. And you can also set the number of pop-up you want each visitor to see per day.


Just like Popads this is also a pop-under network. They allow you to set the ad type you want on your website and they even accept adult websites.

Some of their ad formats include video ads, audio ads, slow loading contents and so on.

They display only one pop-under per visitor and their ad is more friendly than those of popads.

So there you have it – Top 7 Adsense Alternatives for new publishers. Which network am I missing out, which one do you want to try out first? Please let me know in the comments.

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