Accelerate your Career with these Online Data Science Courses

The present times have moved nearly everything from the physical means to online means because of the Covid19 pandemic. Be it work or education, everything is now being done and taught online. Staying at home and getting everything done is the new normal! In the midst of the continuous pandemic, the virtual world has flourished and positively become the main part of everybody's life. The best part about this shift is the ease it comes with.

When it comes to online education, students can easily enhance their knowledge and up-skill their skills by taking up different online courses. Courses about data science have gained more popularity in recent times as they can easily help you in accelerating your career! Online platforms like udemy, offer such courses at an affordable fee and using udemy coupons, you can take advantage of these online courses starting at Rs.385!

In case you're wondering what course to do to give your career a kick start, we have got you covered.

Here are some of the most useful data science courses for you to do:

  • Deep learning specialisation in data science-

This course helps you learn about Building and training deep neural networks, as well as identify key parameters of architecture and implement them to the applications. It will also provide you with knowledge on how to
Build a CNN, and how to apply it to detection tasks and recognition of these. You will also learn to use and apply algorithms to visual data and try a neural style to create art. In simpler words, this specialisation will help you understand more about the consequences, challenges, capabilities etc. of deep learning.

  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate-

If you’re trying to kickstart your career in data science without having any prior knowledge, this course certification is the perfect fit for you. This Professional Certificate from IBM will help anybody keen on seeking after a vocation in data science. You can do this course with no earlier knowledge about software engineering or programming dialects. The program comprises 9 online courses that will provide you with the most upcoming and required abilities, including Python, SQL, data analysis and visualisation, Algorithm calculations etc. This course allows you to learn job-ready skills which will automatically accelerate your career in data science.

  • Introduction to Data Science Specialization-

The IBM’s IDS specialization consists of 4 courses that provide basic foundational key knowledge that any data science enthusiast needs to create a career or further learn about this field. It will acquaint you with what DS is and what DS researchers do. You'll learn to figure out how data investigation and analysis can help you settle on data driven choices. This Specialization will give you the establishment you need for further development figuring out how to help your vocation objectives.

You can also get to try hands-on lab activities and ventures to get familiar with the philosophy of handling data science issues and apply this gained knowledge to the real world.

  • Introduction to Data Science in Python (by University of Michigan)-

 Python is perhaps the most regularly utilized programming dialect in the field, and an introductory course to python goes a long way when it comes to data science. It's generally easy to become familiar with the essentials of this course as it can be joined with various free, open-source libraries to be able to perform DS tasks! This course fills in as an initial step along the street. It is a four week course, and can be easily completed if you’re able to give about 3-6 hours every week.

  • Stats courses-

Trying out a career in data science needs you to have in depth knowledge on statistical study. Along with maths and software engineering, knowledge about stats is one of the most important requirements for data science and analysis. In case you are totally new to the subject, the courses for statistics generally offer a non-specialized knowledge base covering essential and some high level standards and strategies that will positively help anybody attempting to get their head around the more extensive field of DS. If your proper training days finished a while ago and you realise that the information you had about the subject is just a faint school memory, you will feel the need to comprehend stats for DS, sooner or later.


Pursuing such courses online can be a very easy and insightful process if you find the right course and put the right time into it, consistently. Many online learning platforms like Skillshare, coursera, udemy, etc. allow you to browse from a number of courses, and then choose whatever suits you best. The biggest advantage of doing such courses online is the certification they come with. The completion certificates can be very helpful in accelerating your career, not only in data science, but in any field you’re trying.

Professional online courses give you a lot of additional benefits and build your resume really well. With discount offers on course fee and a lot of affordable courses available, this is the best time to use these courses to your advantage! So don’t sleep on an opportunity like this, and kick start your career now!

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