Aadhar Card Software: A Step by Step Guide for Effective Usage

Aadhar is a 12-digit identity number which can be obtained by the residents of India. This unique identity number is based on demographic and biometric data of the respective individual. This data is collected by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which was established in January 2009. Aadhar is world’s largest biometric ID system.

Software for Aadhar allows you to report while also making it easier for your employees to update you about the progress they make at work on a daily basis. You can create enchanting cards and formats with eye catching templates available in the software. Moreover, the software offers you bulk printing options while also being capable of reading and generating barcodes.

The software is suitable for all small, medium and large businesses. It can be used by organizations such as SMEs, enterprise, Govt PSUs, Start-ups, agencies, and the like. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that can integrate with the existent technology, and does not require any special training to use. Interestingly, the software enables users to attain high performance and better productivity for different domains.


Here are some of the most important features of the software:

  • User friendly
  • Card printing
  • Database management
  • Reporting
  • Barcode
  • Templates
  • Bulk printing and many more

Step by Step Guide for Effective Usage

Following are some tips and guiding steps to use your Aadhar card software in an effective manner.

1) Make sure to start your GPS when operating the software. For this, you will have to attach the GPS with the software. Then, Go to GPS and click on start GPS. It may take some time to start. If it doesn’t start after a while, then you may have to adjust the baud rate. The default value of baud rate is 4800. However, you can change it to the corresponding values. Make sure to check the GPS device driver if the GPS doesn’t work.

2) After enabling the GPS, you can now start operating the Software. Enter the log in and password or apply the finger on the fingerprint software. If you want to make Aadhar card for a new person, then click on enrol a resident. You will find this option in the extreme right of the software window.

Now, you will find entries such as Application number, NPR receipt or TIN number and Pre enrolment ID. If you know these entries then fill them. Otherwise, you can skip them by checking the Not Given option on the right side.

3) Under the personal details section, fill in the name of the applicant, gender and date of birth. After filling these entries carefully, enter the contact details of the person or the applicant. Fill the details such as house number, name of apartment, landmark or area. Whatever you will write in English, will get converted into Hindi.

You do not need to fill the right hand side Hindi column separately. In case, you find a wrong automatic Hindi entry then you can correct it manually. Under the Area/Locality/Sector entry, you will find entries which are star marked. To fill these entries, you will need to enter the Pin Code of the respected area of the applicant. Make sure to enter the correct email address and mobile number.

4) Sometimes, you will find an applicant who is differently abled. In such cases, you will not be able to use the biometric section. For instance, if the applicant is having cataract or one of his fingers is amputated then you cannot use eye scanner or finger print scanner respectively. To counter this, you can add biometric exceptions, which you will find in the lower right corner of the window of the software.

5) You can also print the Aadhar card using the Aadhar card software. Simply, click on the Life cycle change button on the upper right corner of the window. After this, fill up the entries such as Enrolment ID or Aadhar number, whichever is available to you. Sometimes, the applicant will not have either of the credentials. In such cases, you can use the demographic details of the applicant to print the Aadhar card.

Simply choose the Demographic details option in the main window and fill up the entries such as date of birth, father’s name, pin code etc. Next, ask the applicant to apply finger on the finger print scanner to generate the Aadhar card.

6) Aadhar card can be opened in PDF format only. So, make sure you have a PDF reader.  To access the PDF file, you will need a password. Suppose the applicant name is ABCDWXYZ and his date of birth is 15 August 1947. Then, the password will be ABCD1947. That is, the first four letters of the applicant’s name in caps and year of birth will be the password.

7) Suppose you want to update the mobile number of an applicant. There are two options or menus for the same viz. Resident Enrolment and Life cycle Changes. Depending on the version of the Aadhar card, you can choose the option to update the applicant’s information. Generally speaking, you can update the applicant’s information from the Life Cycle Changes option.

Now, click on the Life Cycle Changes option on the upper right corner of the software window and choose to update the applicant’s information. Next, enter the basic credentials such as name, Aadhar number and recipient number. If you want to change the name of the applicant, then enter the desired name under the new name entry.

By following the same procedure, you can also change the mobile number or email address. Leave the other entries as blank; you do not need to fill up the entries which do not require any update. After updating the entries, click next. A new window will open where you will have to upload various proofs such as date of birth, identity or address proof etc for verification.

If the customer wants to update his or her mobile number only, then he or she will need to upload proof for the same. Just enter 1 in the total number of document pages submitted section and click next. After this, take the photograph and fingerprints of the applicant and click on save after preview. The mobile number or any other entry will be updated.

8) Last but not least, update your software regularly.


Software to generate a unique number for each of the 1.25+ billion people in a country as vast and diverse as India will have to be multifaceted. However, learning to use Aadhar card software properly is very important for you on account of the huge volume of business that it brings for you.

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