9 Must-Have Features Your ECommerce Website Needs In 2021

All eCommerce websites are unique in their own way. With the countless trends in eCommerce websites such as advanced filtering, animation, dynamic product search, and 360-degree product previews, there are various ways to set your eCommerce website apart from your competitors. However, trends don’t always guarantee conversion rates or a great user experience.

If you want to stay ahead in the competition and attract potential customers, there are particular elements that eCommerce websites should have in 2021.These are the following:

1. High-Quality Videos And Photos

Visual content plays an important role to grab one’s attention and keep your customers engaged until they decide to make a purchase. Using quality videos and photos on your website, whether in house or with the help of photo background removal services, will improve the user experience and make you look professional. But before you use any photos or videos, check your website loading speed to make sure they won’t cause your web pages to load slowly.

2. User-Generated Reviews

Keep in mind that most shoppers read reviews. In fact, some of them will only buy your products or services if your eCommerce website has positive reviews. However, even if you think that negative reviews are sale killers, they’re quitethe opposite.

Sometimes, negative reviews can be positive because without such, consumers might think that negative comments are censored and the positive ones are fake. So, make sure to embrace both positive and negative for your eCommerce website.

If you run your store on Shopify, you can use a product reviews app for Shopify and show the best ones automatically to improve sales and drive social proof.

3. Multiple Payment Options

The way you accept your customers’ payments can make a difference in running a successful eCommerce business. Enabling as many payment options as possible can encourage conversions and enhance your customers’ experience.

Aside from the major credit cards, consider accepting other payment methods like PayPal. Display the icons of all the accepted payment methods on your eCommerce website, so shoppers would know in advance what they can use to purchase.

4. Security Features

Websites regarding eCommerce are the usual target of cybercriminals. For this reason, you must ensure yoursite is equipped with security features to protect your business and customer information.

One of the must-have security features for your eCommerce website is aSecure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, which establishes secure connectivity between a website and a user. Having a link for your privacy policy page is also essential as it addresses your site’s privacy policies. Plus, it promises that customer information isn’t shared with third parties.

5. Search Function

Another must-have feature for your eCommerce website this 2021 is an easy-to-use search bar. It might not make sense for some websites with few items, but it can be helpful for all shoppers to find products easily across various categories. Besides, most shoppers these days expect an eCommerce website to have this.

6. Navigation Bar

It’s this fundamental feature that plays a crucial role to help shoppers reach their goals on your eCommerce website easily. If your products are divided into several categories, a drop-down menu can be a great option. It enables all categories and subcategories to be reachable and visible at one click.

7. Live Chat Feature

Another must-have feature you should consider for your eCommerce website is a live chat feature, which offers instant communication to help your customers with their inquiries or concerns.

Take note that the quality of customer service you provide plays an important role in growing your business. Instead of making the customers wait for answers, consider adding a live chat feature to your site.

8. Easy Checkout Process

Many potential buyers abandon their online shopping carts due to complicated and lengthy checkout processes. It’s necessary for eCommerce websites to create an easy process to provide more convenience to customers.

If you don’t know how to get started in improving your checkout process, you can look for ideas or clues from other brands on how to shorten the procedure. Once you’ve applied it with your eCommerce website design seamlessly, you won’t only be able to convert your potential customers effectively, but you’ll also retain them over time.

9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your eCommerce website’s professional look and design won’t matter if you won’t prioritize creating a FAQs page. The reason behind it is that shoppers will always have a question regarding the shipping options available, how to purchase your product, and what popular items you’re offering.

With an FAQ section, it’ll help your customers get the answers they need while they’re waiting for the response from your customer service or browsing your other products.


Regardless of your eCommerce website design, it should have all the essential features including a live chat feature, quality photos and videos, FAQs, and more. With such, you can be assured that you’ll be able to keep your customers engaged while giving your site a competitive edge.

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