9 Advantages of explainer videos as advertising tools

If you are searching for a way to promote your online presence, you must follow the latest trends. When it comes to the web, its worth looking into the usefulness of video content as part of your marketing plan. It goes beyond simply good looks, there are various other advantages linked o having an animated explainer video.

They are a reason why they are named explainer videos

Such a video can describe your product in a matter of seconds. An internet user’s attention span is about eight seconds, which is why it is vital to explain your business concept as quickly as possible before they lose attention. And this is where explainer videos are incredibly useful. They grab the attention of your viewers and reveal information in an educational and compelling manner. You can find examples of explainer videos as well as use services from Explainer Video Adelaide should you need them.

They boost conversion rates

The primary goal of your marketing strategies is conversions. Did you know that seventy-three percent of individuals are more prone to buying a product once they have seen an explainer video? The perfect explainer video combines devoted target acumens, a catchy story and cute characters to obtain maximum results.

They can assist you with ranking better in search engine results

Explainer videos are easily understood Google adores videos; therefore, video content is ranking better in the search results. Besides that, an explainer video can help you with reaching ranking#0 status, meaning you could potentially receive double organic search results.

They are an excellent method for saving on advertisements

When you site has a high bounce rate, it is an indication that your SEM strategies are not paying off as you planned: this happens when visitors click on your advertisement but did not stick around. With using explainer video in ads is an excellent engagement tool to offer entry points to alternative branding channels. More interactive and longer site visits mean lower bounce rates; therefore, internet users are absorbing the content. Why not add your video into your landing page and start reaping the benefits with not extra advertising costs.

They can create powerful branding

Custom content is always advisable. In combination with explainer videos your brand can truly stand out. By making a custom explainer video, you can add your own color palette, build characters that your audience can identify with and relate your story with unique script.

Explainer videos are ideal sales pitches

Apart from being highly engaging, videos are multipurpose tools. They can be posted on your social network or website, embedded into your next email, or utilized as a sales presentation. They are easily posted or shared. When consumers share your video, your brand will be getting exposure, you can generate new connections and boost your SEO.

A more significant ROI

Explainer videos can be generated at lower rates than advertisements. With the lower cost, you can get a good ROI with this powerful marketing tool. It assists with keeping track of online video stats as well. This means you can better keep tabs on their performance.

They are mobile-friendly

Videos adapt wonderfully to smaller screens, an advantage not found with images or text. When considering that most digital growth is obtained through mobile devices, it is definitely a route worth taking.

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