7 Ways to Boost SEO Ranking for Local Businesses


In the digital world, the competition to have websites rank high on search engines is unforgivingly cutthroat. Every website owner aspires to gain momentum and be among the top rankers but not all of them achieve this.

It goes without saying that if you want to gain more success in any field, then you will have to put in more work to it. Running a business website is just one great step that you have taken.

However, there are vital elements that you should put your focus on in order to take things to the next level. This means implementing some of the best practices and going that extra mile to beat the competition as you aim to register great success. Here are some SEO strategies that you should inject to your business website include the following:

  1. Great Content: ANY TIME, ALL THE TIME

So you want to scale above competition through any means? Well, have you thought keenly about the content you give to your audience and what it conveys to them? Website content is used as fuel that attracts and increases the flow of traffic on the website.

The information in your business’ website should be eye-catching, well organized, entertaining, informative and downright accurate. These are just some of the reasons why people will come back to look for more.

If you create high-quality content that speaks directly to the audience and that which has all the information that they are looking for, it will bring positive feedback. In addition, the content should be shareable so that it can reach as many people as possible. This will definitely lead to more searches and your ranking will be positively affected.

  1. Use of Backlinks

Backlinks are a great way of connecting your audience to more content either within your website (inbound) or on other websites(outbound). You can gain so much more when you use this strategy. Backlinks, whether inbound or outbound, are a great approach that will help you remain competitive amidst the stiff competition. When people visit your website and get a grasp of the relevant as well as credible content, they will follow the links that are provided there, whether they are inbound or outbound, as long as their content looks as promising and delivers what they are looking for. Backlinks further help to increase the click-through-rate on a website making it which in turn improves your page/website ranking. To get more assistance on how this works, talk to ADEL SEO Agency.

  1. Use of Video SEO

Videos and photos have become an integral part of modern storytelling. Integrating them into your website helps in several ways. First, unlike reading, videos are not mentally engaging and therefore the audience is a passive participant. Videos also help to paint a picture in the mind, thereby helping to keep a lot of information in the memory. Finally, they are generally more entertaining.

This form of engagement has become an important part of driving traffic to websites today. It is, however, paramount that you make videos of high quality. In addition, ensure that they are relevant and convey the message accordingly.

  1. Making Websites Mobile-first

Owing to the increased penetration of smartphones around the world, they have become the primary devices through which people access information.

For this reason, optimizing your website for easy access on smartphones has become part of the SEO strategy today.

As you optimize your website for mobile, ensure that the content that the mobile phone users will get is similar in quality to that of the desktop users.

Google’s algorithms also pay attention to the websites that are optimized for mobile and determines its ranking on the search engine. Your online visibility, therefore, will greatly increase if you don’t leave the mobile phone users out of accessibility to your website.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media linking and SEO go hand in hand when you want to scale above the competition in ranking. Your online presence, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others, can greatly influence your rankings on search engines. Here, creativity is key.

You need to create content that the audience can easily associate with. Any post you make should be optimized for searches so that people will easily land on your page in their journey to quench their thirst for more information.

Importantly, guard your brand by ensuring that your social media messages represent your products or organization. Social media mistakes such as arrogance discredit the brand and expose you to negative criticism.

  1. Page Loading Speed

Nothing discourages a person in search of information like a website that takes all the time to load. In most cases, when a website takes more than 10 seconds while loading, people look for others that are faster and forget all about that the slow page.

Fast websites rank high on search engines. Page speed attracts more people who are in turn converted to clients.

  1. Use of Images and Graphics

Images, graphs, and graphics not only make the website look attractive, but they also affect your rankings on search engines. However, if you are not careful, they may negatively affect the loading speeds of your page, something that drives away the audience.

The right thing to do is to use original and high-quality images that are smaller in size and make good use of the content delivery network (CDN) especially if the images on your website are many.

The main aim of using images should be helping to drive down the point. To make readers commit to memory or relate to a given situation. Graphs also help to give a statistical point of view which is a good way of being authoritative and giving gaining credibility.


Website optimization is an imperative thing that website owners are focusing on in order to rise above the stiff competition. However, some of them never realize great results from their efforts. With the guidelines provided here, website optimization becomes easy and you are able to generate leads as well as rank high on search engines.


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