7 Smartest Ways to Boost Online Sales

More and more online stores are created every single day. When bigger numbers of people decide to work for themselves and start a business of their own and the numbers of startups are always increasing, the competition is always growing.

Unfortunately, with the bigger competition, it becomes more difficult to be noticed in the crowd. Many young brands struggle to stand out against their competitors and the biggest brands.

To increase your brand awareness and your sales at the same time, you need to choose the best strategy for your business and become more creative.

Therefore we are going to share seven valuable insights in this article that will help you reach better results and increase your online sales. Depending on the type of your business, choose the ones that fit your business idea and strategy the best.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Sales Copy Is True

By this, we mean that you should never lie to your customers because it can cost you your reputation, which is very hard to build up again. As you know, what goes to the internet, forever stays on the internet.

Even if you delete a banner that stated an absolutely different promise than you were able to fulfill, many people can already have a screenshot of it.

Tip #2: Always Use Google Ads to Boost Your Online Sales

It’s crucial that you have a functioning Google Ads account with at least one advertising campaign because otherwise, people won’t be able to find you on Google. This means fewer people will know about it, fewer people will visit your website, and fewer people will buy from you. To maximize Prestashop Google ads ROI for your website, you need to have a functioning advertising campaign that is always monitored by specialists.

Tip #3: Use Ad Extensions

It is not enough to add a few keywords to your campaign on Google Ads and decide what cost-per-click you can pay. For the most effective results, you need to be using Ad Extensions as well. What it does is make your ads much larger, with smaller sections to click on.

This saves time for your potential customer and increases your chance of making a sale. For example, if someone was to search for hiking shoes, you can make an extension that lets people choose which link to click on: hiking shoes for men or hiking shoes for women.

Tip #4: Share Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are very important nowadays. One thing is that it shows your potential client that you are a trustworthy seller who will not just take their money and disappear, which, sadly, still happens. Also, it really helps your website visitor to make a decision - if the item he or she has chosen is worth buying or not. And it is also very important that all the reviews would be real, preferably - from registered buyers.

Tip #5: Persuade to Make a Purchase Right Now

This is a well-known strategy that actually works. If you create a sense of urgency, people get the feeling that they might lose the chance to buy something they are already interested in. On the other hand, if there is no sense of urgency, then your potential customers will not feel the need to rush and buy something when they can do it any other time if they want. This marketing strategy can really increase sales for small businesses that don’t get too many customers.

Tip #6: Offer Fewer Choices

Some businesses believe in the saying the more, the better. But this simply does not work in the world of eCommerce. The more choices you give to people, the more they struggle to choose and reach the final decision. Sometimes they might get so confused and lost between all the options that they might simply leave your website. So it is better to offer fewer options.

Tip #7: Provide More Payment Options

It is already a basic norm to accept all business cards. But what else can you offer to your customers, maybe there are even more possibilities to pay at the check out easier and faster? Consider offering such options as ApplePay or Google Wallet for payments in your online store. This way, the client will be happier about the fact that you care about his comfort. Also, this customer might decide to choose to buy from instead of your competitor because your payment options are simply more convenient to that person.

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