7 Nifty Tricks You Might Be Unaware of With Gaming PCs

Building a gaming PC is no joke. There are a lot of things you’ll need to know, parts to invest in, and preparation to do beforehand.

With that in mind, how can you fix issues and prevent them from coming in the first place? Read on for these seven tricks you might not know about gaming PCs!

  1. Learn What You Want Beforehand

When selecting a gaming PC or its parts, you’ll probably have a never-ending list of what you want to add for improving your PC. However, one thing I learned is that you need to stick with your actual needs and set the budget.

I CANNOT stress this enough!

The trick to doing this is to stay organized. Before you select the parts for your gaming PC, list down what you need and why you need that certain part. This will help you plan your budget better, and to also keep your purchasing decisions in the right direction.

Don’t just invest in something because it looks cool, but because it aligns with what you want and needs with your gaming PC.

  • Never Cut Corners on Your Cable Management and Ventilation

When watching videos and magazines, you probably see all those amazing gaming PC builds looking tidy and pristine. There aren’t any cables sticking out at all!

Well, this isn’t just to have their setup look good. Managing your cables can also help with your PC’s lifespan. Well-organized cables ensure a clean look and prevent overheating, also making it easier to deal with dust and cleaning.

Also, it keeps cables out of the way to prevent ventilation issues. Make sure that your case airflow is installed correctly and stock up on twit ties and velcro strips for cable management.

  • Check Your RAM If Your PC Acts Erratically

Surprisingly, memory sticks may be the main culprit if your PC runs oddly. In fact, the first trick to try when experiencing troubleshooting errors is to ensure the RAM is installed properly.

While your memory isn’t always the main source of issues, it’s best to save time and begin troubleshooting processes with your RAM.

  • Stress-Test Early On

One thing people forget is to stress-test their rigs right after putting it together. It’s VERY important to see how your gaming PC can hold to pressure from heavy software and games immediately after, so it prevents any troubleshooting issues, which is a waste of time and effort.

  • The Memory Has to Match Your Motherboard

Double-check the RAM you want and see if it’s compatible with your current motherboard. Manufacturers would have a list of memory sticks tested with their motherboard, so you know what it would pair with best.

This is actually known as the Quality Vendor Lists (QVL), and you can find these in your manufacturer’s official websites, usually under the Support section. There are also websites such as techfast.com.au that show which parts work well with certain motherboards and PC builds.

  • How to Select the Right Parts

This is a serious and crucial step to building our PC. If you’re already knowledgeable in the gaming industry, you may already know what parts you want and why. However, if you’re not familiar with the different parts and technical terms, then selecting parts may be overwhelming.

The trick here is to browse through other people’s gaming PC, checking vlogs, online tutorials, and PC-related online discussions. While you shouldn’t blindly trust everything you see there, you’ll still find great insight as you conduct your own research.

  • Tutorials and Your Manual Will Show You A LOT

Once you have everything you need to start building your ultimate gaming PC, you suddenly think, “I may mess this up.”

YES, it’s intimidating, but you’ll be surprised by how easy it is, especially when you prepare well. You have to learn what NOT to do and what to avoid as you build a PC. It’s also best to learn what to do and some extra tips manufacturers don’t show you.

You can get all that from vlogs and online tutorials from experts in the industry. There are a lot of step-by-step guides and helpful vloggers who can help build your gaming PC!

But for more specifics, don’t forget to check your instructions manuals, especially when installing your motherboard. This will save you a lot of time and prevent any damage or poor performance when you turn your gaming PC on for testing.

Wrapping It Up

While this isn’t the most comprehensive guide to building the ultimate gaming PC, but these tricks are very helpful in case you run into issues. They can also be used to avoid any problems as you build your gaming PC. Utilize these tips as you go along and good luck with your rig!

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