7 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Business (2019)

If email marketing is a priority for your business this year and you are on the lookout for the best platform, you are in the right place!

Choosing the right email marketing platform can visibly improve your digital marketing campaigns and offer you with significant results in the long run. This article will help you review the top 7 email marketing service platforms for your small business.

What is email marketing and how does it benefit you?

Email marketing is great if you are looking forward to getting your messages delivered and want to give your customers a scoop on your latest updates. This will help you generate more leads, in the long run! With the help of email marketing, you can directly get into their inbox and let yourself be seen by the people who want to see you.

Moreover, for every small scale business, email marketing is a potential cost-saving mechanism that sees a vivid rate of returns in the long run. This is made possible because of the leads email marketing can generate. the Designmodo email builder is a successful email templates website which provide well-designed and attractive email template.

All this is made possible because of its ability to be managed easily, while giving full control and access to the organization itself. The organization in picture can therefore get in touch with its customers directly, without having to employ anyone in between before! This directly cuts on the costs that would have otherwise been employed to ensure correct deliverability rate.

The three major benefits of email marketing services:

Connecting directly with visitors and increasing their site visitors

Building a loyal customer base

Increasing your sales figures

7 best email marketing services for your small business

Constant contact

One of the most popular email marketing services for small business owners, Constant Contact comes along with fully-customized templates. While getting started, you are going to be prompted to choose your business/industry niche and your past experience with email marketing. Designmodo email templates can kickstart your journey to generating more leads. Based on your choices, you are going to get a chance to customize your content to get a better chance at promoting your brand through email marketing.

Constant contact comes with unlimited support through emails, live chats, forums, and comes along with a vast library of resources. When you sign up for Constant Contact, you are given a 60 days free access to the tool, making it a popular choice among small business owners.


Mailchimp is another popular email marketing service platform offering immaculate features, all at affordable prices. Mailchimp acts like an all-in-one marketing suite, offering more than just email marketing services. The platform comes with features that allow you to convert your site visitors to paying customers and subscribers.

Mailchimp houses grand and powerful features that are meant for novice marketeers and pros, all at the same time. No matter who you are, your business is bound to grow! You are also guaranteed the ability to create mesmerizing landing pages that will again generate more leads for you. It even comes with pre-built templates and ready-to-use segments that allow you to get started with professional emails, instantaneously.

It is easy to connect your WordPress website or your ecommerce store to your Mailchimp account, that of course come along with multiple benefits.


Another all-in-one marketing platform fused with email marketing features, ActiveCampaign is for those who like to overachieve. You do get to send fewer number of emails, but you do witness impressive results in the long run!

The platform comes loaded with features, which might overwhelm a beginner. But, it also comes with  equally impressive support services.

The platform helps you create mobile-friendly automations that need to be corresponded to your subscribers, based on their personal choices and behavioral patterns. Your marketing efforts can be streamlined based not just on their behavior, but also on their demographics and location.

The platform also allows you to send out SMS messages, other than emails to your contacts. This mobile-friendly and responsive platform is a great solution for anyone who needs a little complexity along with advanced features.


The youngest of all the tools in the current list, MailerLite is a simple yet feature-rich tool. Unlike other email marketing tools, MailerLite is piled on with only the essential features. The service platform has now become popular, serving a wider audience base, internationally and multi-lingually.

The platform is great for beginners because of its intuitive interface that is also quick, modern and somewhat minimalistic. The advanced and analytical features help you draft out the best automated emails.

The platform is great not just for new, small business owners, it is also great for freelancers who need a viably affordable solution.


Another young one on the list, Sendinblue is a great platform for small business owners and other newbie marketers who are looking for an affordable solution based on their email volume and not their contact list.

An absolute newbie can make use of the platform to get started with their campaign, without having any prior experience or knowledge. SendInBlue was originally created to send transaction-based emails. However, currently the platform is used for managing SMS and email campaigns as well.

The unique platform is easy to use, feels superior, and has a generous plan for all newbie marketers, owing to the fact that the platform is based on email volumes and not the specific number of your contacts. The platform also offers a rich amount of features like campaign management and reporting, list management, layout optimization, and much more!


Zoho is one email marketing tool that is a favorite with with multiple people for the amazing features it has to offer. Free, generous plans are just a few humble beginnings when it comes to Zoho. Premium features include template library, reports, A/B testing, and much more!

Marketers and small business owners can craft out responsive emails, with ready-to-use templates and an effective editor. The platform allows you to analyze your email campaigns in the form of reports that help you plan, execute and manage the future campaigns better. The platform also allows you to custom-design your own set of emails, from scratch!


Last but not the least, ConvertKit, a robust email marketing service platform meant for not just small business owners but also for bloggers, writers and marketers is incredibly powerful and easy to use!

With ConvertKit, you can easily craft effective email campaigns and simultaneously manage the campaigns with auto-responders. You can easily send out emails to a specific customer segment who is actually going to be interested in your products and services. With reaching out the right-intent audiences, you are given the opportunity to increase your conversions, because of the personalization involved. In other words, ConvertKit allows you to target your emails to the right customers at the right time!

ConvertKit also offers you immense support and extensive learning material, that goes a long way for starters. The platform offers you reasonable plans, along with a 30-day refund policy.


Choosing the right email marketing service for your small business this year is more important than ever! Every single year, the number of conversions through email campaigns increases. Email marketing is a popular and necessary need for your business, which means you should really invest in something viable and not be overwhelmed by too many different options. Your final choices would totally depend on the ease of use the platform offers, the automation it offers, and your business budget!

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