6 Web Design Trends For 2022

Web design trends are always changing. And while it’s difficult to make an accurate prediction, understanding what’s trending right now can give you a pretty good idea of what web design will look like in the future.

So, as professional web designers, we want to keep up with the latest trends that are shaping the web design industry in 2022 and the years to come. Here are some web designing trends you need to look out for.

  1. Outdoor and Home Aesthetics

In December 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic happened and it’s been almost two years since then. As lockdowns were implemented, people are forced to stay at home for a really long time to reduce the transmission of the virus.

Now, with the easing restrictions, people are starting to figure out how to engage with the new normal. Web design NYC trends are evolving to help people feel safe and ready to face the outside world again.

Much like how companies are restructuring in order to coax people back to traditional workplace, websites are also adapting their design to give users safe and comfortable space to reduce anxiety.

Thus, you can expect to see more web pages integrating more imagery that evokes outdoor aesthetics as well as designs inspired by home décor. Using organic and natural shapes can make your page feel inspiring, unique, and alive. Designs that feel inviting, spacious, and accommodating speak to a user’s sense of safety and security.

This trend is really about invoking the feeling of finally leaving your home for a long time, but still longing the safe atmosphere of your home.

  1. One-Page Websites

Sometimes, the less content a website has, the more effective it can be. In fact, we’re seeing an increase in one-page websites that employ simple scroll navigation without the complex menus and speaking of navigation, it would be best to integrate a web page overlay into your website so that it will be more accessible for impaired users such as those who are blind, deaf or have other disabilities.

Of course, a one-page website is not applicable for every business. It works best when your subject matter is narrower, like presenting a single idea or a portfolio.

This web design evokes the feeling of reading a poster or a flyer. All the information you need is located in one place without searching multiple pages or getting distracted with the navigation.

  1. Neumorphism

Neumorphism continues to be on-trend in modern web designing. This design moves away from the popular flat website design, focusing on minimalistic, yet realistic UI designs.

A neumorphic element looks like they are separated yet connected to the background.It looks similar to embossed paper. It’s often described as “soft UI” because of the soft shadows effect itcreates.

Subtle gradients and shadows combine to create a trendy look. Neumorphism offers a sharp yet fresh look for websites in the next years to come.

  1. Huge Typography and Interactive Fonts

For 2022, expect more websites sporting typography of unusual sizes. Fresh and bold, oversized typography offers versatility and lends well to both maximalist and minimalist designs. At a certain size, words can become more of a graphic element than just being a part of a copy.

Taking the use of text even further, interactive fonts are also trending right now. Not only for call-to-action buttons, but web designers are now making their text move, allowing users to play and interact with the words as the mouse hovers. Plus, it’s super easy to implement since you only apply a hover-state change on the text like you would with buttons.

  1. Custom Cursor

Another great web design trend for 2022 is the custom cursors.

Cursors are among the most overlooked element in the web designing space. This element is traditionally ‘raw’ in its appearance, the boring white, slightly tilted arrow.

Customizing your web cursor can create a unique pointer for your users. You can add hover animations, click effects, change cursor appearance, and so much more to create branding impact and increase interactivity.

  1. Dark Mode

Dark mode, low light UX, or night mode — people are loving this design trend, and for a good reason. Dark mode offers users a low-contrast version of the website that’s easier to look at in low-light environments.

 Some people  think it’s good for productivity since it causes less eye strain and fatigue. Plus, it reduces battery consumption.

Major companies like Facebook and Google now have a dark mode version for both their website and apps. It’s likely to be a trend for several years due to its benefits, so it only makes sense to employ this web design right away.


And there you have it! These are just some of the best web design trends expected to be big in 2022. Make sure to learn more about the above trends and implement them on your website as appropriate to maintain a competitive edge.

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