6 simple SEO tools for blogging and attracting more traffic

The best you can do as a content creator for your blog is to modify your wordings to incorporate what users are interested in reading and finding online. Reality of the matter thoughis that, so many internet users have amazing content they share on a daily basis, some of which are similar to the content you share. How then do you keep up with them and drive traffic to the content on your blog?

The advantage of SEO is that it has tools that narrow down to the specifics of your requirements, satisfying both your needs and those of the users.

‘How many words should I use on a post? Do I use images in my posts? How do I spot the best keywords to use?’ All these are questions that every so often run in the mind of blog owners, and with such services as those on serpbook.com,there are easy solutions to your apprehensions.

The whole reason you are bogging is because you have something the world should know, but it all goes to waste if the world you are targeting cannot find your page. Optimizing for blogs is well calculated to deal with matters content, so that the search engines suggest your blog as an answer to the questions that users are concerned about.

Here is a list of 6 SEO tools for you to bring more traffic to your blog:

PageSpeed insights

Convenience to the readers is top priority for any blogger with an objective to reach a wide audience. As you check to provide value to your readers by increasing the readability of your content, consider the use of this tool.

The PageSpeed insight tool will allow you to check how much time your pages or links to articles take to load, which informs you on how better to adjust it. The faster your pages load, the more likely it is for people to read your content, even browsing through your site for more, which automatically boosts your page traffic.

Backlinks and link analysis

Wouldn’t it be lovely to know how and where your readers are from? Better still, is it not amazing when different sites link to your site?

Well, this SEO tool allows you to analyze all the backlinks to your site, by crawling search engines to trace the links. Get an insight on the most effective links You can find many free as well as paid links checker online.

Each website has its own set of technology write for us guest post guideline. Before reaching out, thoroughly read and understand these guidelines. Pay attention to formatting preferences, word count limits, and any specific topics they may be looking for.


The worst thing that could happen to you as a content generator is to be accused of copying people’s content parading it as your own. It is value for audiences when your content is original.

However, sometimes content can be too similar so that one can easily cite plagiarism for their work. For this reason, the copyscape SEO tool analyses content for you pinpointing any duplicate work, leaving you at a better place to make decisions.

This tool is a good tip for you to also protect and own your original content form duplication without your consent.

I would like to suggest online spell check tools it will help your to improve your writing skill.

SERP rank checker

A good technique to use so as to remain ahead of the game and be proactive is to be aware of how well your page is fairing in search engines as compared to others.

Ideally, the SERP rank checker analyzes the top searched pages on search engines, not only to give you an idea of what people are looking for, but also to guide you o the performance of your pages and your site’s URL.

Keyword explorer

While creating content for your blog, it is important that you identify the needs of your audience because you exist to give them solutions to their problems.

In manner, understanding the keyword preferences they use is important in drawing them to your blog is the way to go, and this tool is exactly what you need.

The keyword explorer analyses for you the top keywords as it alerts you on the quality of the words you chose, putting in mind the location and nature of your audience. Learn more about which phrases your competitors are using that gives them the traffic they have, and make informed choices on your words too.


Is curiosity over competition killing you? Before you decide to set off and go physically knocking on people’s doors, there is an easy way to gratify your curiosity.

The SimlarWeb SEO tool is one that allows you to compare the traffic between two sites, which is an incredible tool for competitor research.

So much thought goes into creating quality value for customers, and technology is the ultimate caregiver to all content creators. This 6 tools maybe what your blog has been waiting for to become the top visited site. An audience is waiting to find you; go get them!


If you’re wondering why your competition is constantly out-ranking, it could be an often overlooked issue like anchor text.  Ever since the Google update years ago, anchor text has been a hot topic but it’s often overlooked.  The right anchor text, and the right mixture of anchor text can help you beat out the competition.
Linkio gives you the right percentage and anchor text to use when you’re doing backlink campaign in that way that you will beat your competitors very fast.

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