6 Experts Tips For Logo Designing: Beginners Guide

Are you a student but want to earn money by selling your services? Do you have a good knowledge of arts and designs? Do you want to pursue your interest in logo designing?This blog will help you to give a good start in logo designing by giving you an experts tips and tricks.

Logos are really important for a company. You must have not seen a good company without logo. A good logo should be eye catching.

Here are 6 experts tips to design logo:

1.     Knowledge Of Brand:

Ok first you should know the brand. Visit the client’s provided website or any other social network which shows the brand detail. Gather the accurate knowledge of the brand. Focus if its footwear brand or a clothing one or is it a software company. Once you know what brand is about you will start imagining the design in your mind already.

2.     Set The Color Theme:

The most important part of logo designing is the color theme. If you are using 2 to 3 color combinations, make sure to use the ones which match with one another. Or the one color should be dominating from the other. Your skills will be shown by how beautifully you play with colors.

3.     Copied! Hell No.

No client will pay you for a copied logo. It should be of your own design. Yes you should check out the other similar brand logos just to keep an idea in your mind that how logo should be.

Sketch your ideas on paper and choose the best one which will go with the brand.

4.     Simple Logo? Why Not.

Not everyone consider the big logos with bombarded words. Some clients and viewers attract to simplicity. Search near you, you will find a lot of logos with just a single design with not words.

Always go with the client’s point of view. Whatever you will suggest him, he will ask you to do what he wants.

5.     Always In Line:

Your logo should be symmetrically aligned and well structured. Adobe illustrator or Adobe photo shop software will help you in creating aligned logos. Apart from structural logo you can go with the typography as well. You can create a logo by just good typography. But make sure your typography should be in line too.

6.     Not Every Space Should Be Filled:

Ok you have created a logo. Either its structural or typography. You should not have to fill every area of the design. The messier you create the less you have chance for its approval. Keep it precise and at one place.

You should know how to sell your creation. Once you have made a logo, send it to your client explain the creativity the symbols you put or the structure you made to the client. Explain the color combination and tell him that how can this logo be perfect for your brand or company. Show your passion by your work. Every client like the passionate seller. Once approved, welcome to your professional life.

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