5 Ways Technology Can Boost Your Business’s Cybersecurity Efforts

Technology has many benefits to businesses, one of which is helping improve their cybersecurity. Even though it's also technology that's opened up more channels for online attackers to breach company networks, it offers organizations the chance to fortify their security systems. With the right technological solutions, you can identify and close loopholes before you can even experience an attack.

The right technology means having the latest software updates, turning to reliable vendors, or outsourcing some areas of your business to a reputable company. All those aspects will determine how efficient your cyber security efforts are. Therefore, improving your cybersecurity means starting with the types of technology most suitable for your enterprise.

How Technology Can Contribute To Cybersecurity

When looking into boosting cybersecurity in your organization, you have to lay a strong foundation through which other developments can be made. In doing so, technology will help you in the following ways:

  1. Outsourcing The Security Department

Lack of proper infrastructure and personnel to handle your security system can leave your company susceptible to hackers if you aren’t equipped or knowledgeable enough to protect yourself against attacks. Fortunately, technology has made it easy for small businesses to gain access to excellent infrastructure without installing and purchasing it. This is through companies that provide software as a service and enable you to delegate some of your security tasks to them.

Additionally, by outsourcing your IT security, you let experts manage your security system. The company will use advanced technology to identify any vulnerability in your company. They'll also continuously monitor your system to ensure it's in the best possible condition.

  1. Artificial Intelligence In Operations

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in your business operations can have significant benefits in boosting your cybersecurity efforts. First, during the developmental cycle of your system, AI will help your team explore different possibilities and suggest the best ones. That way, any risk due to inadequate development is eliminated.

Secondly, AI can be used to conduct vulnerability or penetration testing by letting it scan for any potential flaw in your network. This will help you spot any weakness in your system and take the necessary action to address it. Moreover, using AI provides automated network topography and policy development, which are the two primary components of a secure network.

  1. Early Threat Detection

One crucial way of fighting cyberattacks is by identifying threats early before they develop into a major issue that's expensive and challenging to handle. Using manual methods can be ineffective, especially if you're dealing with more sophisticated attacks from high-profile hackers.

However, different sets of technology can help you pinpoint threats as soon as possible. You can use threat detection logs to determine any suspicious activities in your network. Also, you can install antivirus software in your system so any threat or malware can be found early enough and blocked from accessing the system.

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication

The password problem is a major concern in cybersecurity. It involves people—including those in your organization—using passwords that are easy to guess. This incorrect practice has led to many unauthorized logins and breaches in the past until today. It's one of the simplest yet most devastating security threats. Therefore, as the company owner, you should take advantage of technology to prevent unauthorized logins.

There are features such as multi-factor authentication that can help reduce the cases of unauthorized logins. It requires a user to have a second device that a code is sent to. This is mainly through messages, and the code has to be used to access the site. Even if someone gets your password, they can't access your network without the code.

  1. Protection Trough Software Updates

Every time you update your software, you take advantage of the latest version of the application that has better cybersecurity capabilities. Each version of a piece of software is developed to eliminate the loopholes that the previous version had. So for example, if an earlier version of the program has problems regarding security, any update installed on it will serve to address the issue.

Moreover, technology has made it easy for providers to identify areas that need improvement by implementing methods such as user testing. Should you have a problem with a particular type of software, you can always ask your provider to update the feature or change your provider altogether.


While some people may argue that technology makes cyberattacks possible, it's also important to note that you can always boost your cybersecurity efforts so your business remains safe and protected from any breach.

If your enterprise doesn't have the proper infrastructure to ensure cybersecurity, you can outsource your IT system needs to a company that can accommodate them. And with the right technology, you can update your software and use artificial intelligence to detect any vulnerability and threats you may not be aware of and to come up with adequate solutions.

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