5 Tips For How To Play Fortnite With Friends

Fortnite has changed online gaming forever. Not only has it revolutionized the online FPS games and made the offering more fun and exciting (FPS games had a reputation of being too technical-focused), but it has also encouraged other players of the game to experiment and be brave. And that is not even the best part about this. Fortnite is a game that anyone can play with their friends, family, or office colleagues; there would hardly be anyone who would say no to this fascinating game.

Now, if you are a beginner to this game and do not know much about how all this play with friends works and how you can take advantage of your team up, then not to worry, as we will help you out. Use the following tips with your Fortnite ESP hack, and you surely would have an amazing gaming experience.

1.   You can play on different platforms.

The very first thing you must know about playing with your friends on Fortnite is that you do not all have to connect on the same platform. In simpler terms, if you are playing the game on the console and your bud wants to join the fun via their PC, then they do that as well. Fortnite is a cross-platform supported game that supports consoles, PC, MAC, and even your smartphone as well. You simply need to invite your friends to your party, and they can join through their account regardless of the device they are playing the game on. Sounds cool? Well, it certainly is.

2.   Stay with your friends.

If you start playing a game with your friends and family, then there is no point in leaving them alone and hunting alone. It would not do. Not only is it taking all the fun out of the game, but you would also leave yourself vulnerable to an enemy duo and a squad filled with players that would not be making the same mistake. There is strength in numbers. So if you are playing with your buds, play with your buds. Stick close to them and stay in constant communication so that you can take advantage of any opportunity presented to you without any issue. This is the right way for one to play Fortnite with their friends.

3.   Easily squad up

Now, if you never have squad up before and are afraid of the daunting nature of the task, then do not worry, as we will help you out. In fact, let us put it out there, adding friends to your Fortnite account is super easy. You only need to look at the in-game friend list, and if your friends’ names are already there, then you only have to send an invite to your party, and that is it.

But in case the names are not there, now this is where the issue becomes more challenging. Now, you would need to manually add your friend’s account to your friend’s list, and only then can you invite them to the party. You can also invite anyone in the public domain, but there is a possibility of making a spelling mistake and inviting someone else. No, this method is way better, even if it is a bit trickier.

4.   You can also add Fortnite friends from other platforms.

You are not required to only add friends through their EPIC Store username or Fortnite username; you can also do the same with other socials. If you have friends on Facebook or Discord playing Fortnite, you can add them without any fuss. You would only need to link your socials to your Fortnite account beforehand, and voila, you can send party invites to anyone without any issue.

5.   Be the Party Leader

Since you are the one who is doing all the inviting, you would be the party leader of your group. Now you can also delegate this responsibility to someone else at the party without any issue. Still, first, you need to do is set the party invites to private so that not everyone can join your group without a proper invitation.

A party can have up to 16 members. As the party leader, you can kick someone out of the party or simply mute them per your wishes.

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