5 tips for creating and marketing a video game

Thanks to the advance in new technologies and the creativity that the new generations are bringing, one of the most booming commercial sectors right now is that of videogames.

The variety of high quality offers that exist in the market and the ease of applying each idea to different formats so that many people can play around the world, make the video game industry one of the most complete and interesting producers of the new era. If you want to enter this market with your idea we recommend you to read in Gananci how you can advertise your video game using Facebook.

To create a videogame from scratch you not only need to have a powerful and original idea, but you also need a series of skills in programming and designing this type of products in order to develop them. If you don't have those skills, don't worry, just make sure you have the required human talent in your team to help you make your video game idea a reality or you can get help from a game art outsourcing studio at rocketbrush.com which provides 2D art and 3D assets for game developers..

Other elements are involved in the creation process which, although they don't have much to do with the technical aspect, do have a great influence in the long run on whether or not the videogame will be successful. To help you integrate those elements successfully into your project, in this article we will give you a series of tips that will help you not only to create and perfect a video game, but also to market it. Because it's useless to have a good idea if you can't develop it and profit from it.

  1. Choose a title: Many of the gamers who are the main consumer of video games are usually attracted by a new product through the title it uses. For projects that are independent or do not have much budget to invest in advertising is vital to have a name that attracts attention and at the same time reveals enough about the game and its history to generate interest in the target just like this guides for afk arena does a great job.

Given that the web is the main driver of independent video games, you must ensure that your product has a title that is SEO freindly, ie that search engines can easily stand out from your direct competition.

  1. Create impressive arts: Once you have your videogame developed with everything and title, the next step is to start the promotion in order to successfully market it within the niche of the market you have chosen. One of the main allies you can count on to achieve that purpose are images; these arts should reflect, without leaving room for doubt, everything your game has to offer. Focus on investing in quality so that the final result is able to promote your video game on any platform and even outside the digital realm.
  2. Make promotional videos: Within social networks, and on the web as such, one of the strategies that most achieves sales of any product or service is the promotional video. In the case of video games this video must be well cared for and therefore the product you present must not contain faults. The ideal is that the promotional video or videos of your game transmit a real gameplay, to promote engagement with consumers, since dedicated gammers are not satisfied with prefabricated advertising tetras.
  3. Integrate several languages: Thanks to the Internet and globalization a digital product like video games can have presence in many parts of the world at the same time, this factor has the potential to significantly increase the marketing of the product and therefore your profits. To be successful in various markets around the world it is necessary to integrate several languages in the part of creation and development of the videogame; find out which are the countries with a higher consumption rate of videogames like yours and point to them.
  4. Present yourself on various platforms: Finally, we advise you to offer your videogame on as many platforms as possible. Keep in mind that for this you will need to develop several modalities of it that are compatible with each of the platforms such as iOS, Android in terms of operating systems, Facebook when we talk about social networks or Xbox, PlayStation and other consoles more. All of this will improve your chances of successfully marketing your product.

If you are an indie developer and you want to make your video game known but don't have much capital to invest in advertising, we recommend that you learn how to promote your project at low cost and very effectively here.

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