5 signs that indicate it is time to move to the cloud

It is a given that businesses thrive online because of solid hosting infrastructure. As more and more opportunities grow in the online space, security and scale become a major concern along with real-time stability and web-traffic issues.

If these concerns are on the top of your mind when you are running your business online, we suggest you move to a cloud hosting service. Some indicators that your web hosting service is not upto the mark, are given in this article. We urge you to go through the same and consider cloud hosting as a service that takes care of speed, scale and security effectively.If you’re looking to move your existing website to the cloud, take advantage of this 10Web Coupon code to get a lifetime deal of 20% OFF on any plan.

Growth & Scale is limited

If you are planning to grow your business, your data is bound to grow as well. This means that after a point in time, storing large amount of data is essential. But, as you create more and more slots to store data, one feels the need to place this consolidated data on a single server which can provide service to multiple clients at the same rate at which they grow their business.

So, if you think your hosting doesn’t allow you to scale rapidly, it’s time to switch. Another sign is when you see your hosting tech support takes ages to react to your issues. It’s not necessary to comply with them when you have a ready option that would take these woes away.

No on-demand service

On demand is an important aspect of web hosting for the simple reason that users may want to increase their storage space or may want tech support for assistance. However, it is not advisable to stick to a hosting service that restricts on demand service by depending on the hosting provider for little but important reasons. This paralyzing situation can be averted by moving to cloud hosting service where you can get one-click installs. By moving to cloud hosting you will be able to amplify the resources available to you as and when you need them.

Issues with security

If you feel that your data doesn’t have enough layers of encryption or security codes to protect the site from phishing, ransomware or other hacking tactics, it is time you move to a more secure solution. Moving to the cloud will provide total protection to valuable data, passwords and other user information. Moreover, managed cloud web hosting provides security against DDoS attacks and also helps you detect and prevent data intrusion.

Frequent Server Downtimes

If you have a user heavy website that has traffic during different business cycles, we are sure that you may have experienced a server downtime at some point in time. This happens especially if you are running an eCommerce shopping website on servers which do not support large traffic. Let’s say that you are promoting a discount campaign for some of your products in a festive season, and suddenly you see a traffic spike on your website, there is a very little chance that your website will be able to provide service to so many customers.

In case of a server breakdown, you may not only lose new customers on your website but also disappoint your existing ones. This situation calls for damage control which may have you temporarily host your site on another server. If you are already wary of this, or if you have experienced this before, we suggest you to jump the ship right now.

Unsteady in Real time

Most businesses end up assuming that their hosting is geared up for real time action. If web traffic increases, your website needs to be equipped with server health, security monitoring, frequent configuration backups and on-demand server cloning in case the server goes down. If you have ever felt that your current hosting plans lack any one of these, you know what to do. Cloud provides you a robust support of all of these features and completely terminates the chances of inconsistent service to your users.

As a business you should see to it that these obstacles are taken care of by choosing a solid IT strategy that aligns with your business goals. We hope that you understand why moving to the cloud is essential and what are its possible benefits. Choosing a cloud hosting service for your business will cover most of these concerns. But most of all it will put you at ease while doing business.

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