5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should use WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool

Marketing is a primary area of focus for the success of any business, and running this can be cumbersome to a business owner juggling to handle many activities at a go.

Since you have already used the social media URL checker, launched your business’s site, and acquired quite an adequate customer base, how do you move on with marketing function swiftly?

Small businesses are often caught in a dilemma of which platform to go to for all their marketing needs.

An incredible tool like WhatsApp is now more suitable an app for small business owners to convey their marketing messages swiftly to their specific targeted audience.

If you are a small business owner and would like to be more persuaded about using this app for more than just personal secure compliant messaging, below are five fantastic reasons why you should consider it for your digital marketing:

It is easy and stress-free to use

Unlike most marketing tools, WhatsApp has a clear interface with no superfluous information, so people do not have to learn anything new, and can immediately channel their focus on your messages.

The ease of use makes sharing of information convenient for users, mainly because they already have the app on their gadgets, or they can easily download it from Google or apple store.

With one of the friendliest interfaces in any app can have, it becomes easy for your target audience to re-share your messages within their circles; hence triggering the success of your digital marketing strategy.

WhatsApp is a high-speed app for instant messaging

Speed is top among the reasons why people would use a marketing technique for their business.

WhatsApp is preferred from most apps because communication is faster and feedback in real time, therefore guaranteeing a swift response to customers’ inquiries and complaints.

Such fast feedback is essential for readjusting marketing campaigns following insights from the customers.

It adds a sense of personal touch in a marketing campaign

Most communication channels like email tend to be too formal and can limit one-on-one interactions with customers.

WhatsApp however, is personal and informalin nature. Basically, it works like the usual phone messaging app and is suitable for small businesses in the marketing process since it makes it possible to easily persuade audiences to embrace a brand through constant 2-way communication.

Customers are likely to be actively engaged in the marketing process on WhatsApp more than on other platforms, because of its familiarity, which is a big plus for your business.

Provides statistics for message delivery

Since it can be very frustrating when a marketer puts in a lot of effort into marketing without the desired results, a tool like WhatsApp can help a great deal in measuring the success of a marketing strategy.

This app shows you when your messages are received; with the single grey tick for “sent,” grey double tick for “delivered,” and blue double ticks for “read” (this, however, depends on the privacy settings of the user).

With the certainty that your audience received your messages, any response including silence can be all you need to weigh out the aptness of your marketing messages and campaigns.

Broadcast messaging

Different platforms may allow for broad reach while sharing messages, but not necessarily shared at the same time.

WhatsApp provides for a broadcast list with which you can use to share a single message to multiple persons at the same time with a single click. This means that you don’t always have to post messages that were not intended for everyone in a WhatsApp group.

Other reasons why small businesses like yours should use WhatsApp for marketing include;

  • It is cost-effective, allowing you to cut on costs
  • It is highly versatile. WhatsApp is in itself a messaging app, but it is used by many to resemble a strong social network where you can reach a bigger audience than you had anticipated.
  • It enhances non-intrusive feedback from clients

WhatsApp may have been used for personal communication among peers for many years, but today, it is the go-to tool for small businesses to reach out to not only their customers but further within their circles. You don’t need to spend more to reach more, use WhatsApp today!

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