5 Reasons why you need a mobile phone signal booster

What makes phone mobile signal boosters worthwhile and why it should be installed

Mobile phone signal booster is anamplifier that considerably improves the connection of mobile phones. Some regions have poor signal connection and weak cellular tower coverage, If the cell providers lease a cell tower space from landowners nearby, this can help provide better signal in your area.which can lead to many problems in terms of reaching out to people and communicating with them. This phenomenon can be dangerous in case of emergency situations, and getting help in such a short period of time with no good connection can be vital.Mobile phone signal boosters are a direct solution to that problem, and have multiple other advantages as well.

How to measure signal strength?

In order to understand whether you are having or will be having any connection problems, it is essential to first of all check the signal strength on your phone. Signal strength is measured in decibels and the number of decibels is usually represented in negative numbers. To understand how strong your signal is, you will have to see how close the decibel number to is a zero, since the closer it is the stronger it gets. If the negative number gets below -95dBM it means the signal on your phone is not as strong as it should preferably be. Speaking in phone language, -95dBM and lower is equivalent to 3 bars on the connection panel and lower.

If you are on an Android, to see the decibels you will have to visit the About Phone section in your Settings, and refer to the “Mobile Networks” or “Status” (Network) depending on what type of Android phone you are using. Once you open it, you will be navigated to a screen with info, where you can view the decibels under the “Signal Strength”. If you are on an iOS, a way to do this is to dial *3001#12345#*, long press the power button, after which press the home button for a couple of seconds and return to the home screen. The decibels will be displayed at the top status bar.

The ideal 5 bar connection is equivalent to approximately -65dBM, and a good way to be able to get your decibels as close to that amount as possible, you can try boosting your signal. To boost your signal strength, you can obtain a mobile phone signal booster, especially a 4G signal booster as it ensures the high quality of your mobile signal. Here are 5 reasons of why you should get a mobile phone booster and how it works.

  1. Easy installation and functioning

The installation process of the mobile phone signal booster is relatively easy and does not require any technical knowledge. It is based on two core components, which are the outdoor antenna and the indoor signal booster. The former component, the outdoor antenna, serves the function of transmitting any messages or calls that it receives directly through a cable to the second component, internal booster. The function of the internal booster is to strengthen and resubmit the signal based on frequency. The signal is then transmitted to the inside antenna through cable, and the inside antenna is able to broadcast with a boosted signal for the entire area. Mobile phone signal boosters that are not designed for buildings and facilities work by the same principle with a sole difference of having to adjust to the outside signal at a higher speed.

  1. Safe to use

Mobile phone signal boosters may boost signal;however, they are less likely to cause any health consequences than mobile phones themselves. In fact, as stated by the regulatory agencies, mobile phone signal boosters’ radiation is significantly lower and within the limits of safe exposure in comparison to the mobile phones. Therefore, they are safe for use and will not cause any damage.

  1. Big distance coverage

The coverage of the mobile phone signal booster can vary depending on the area and the facility, so whether you are in a small room or a large commercial complex, you can get a booster that is specific to your area. Typically, the coverage of mobile phone signal boosters can range from 100 square meters up to 2500 square meters. With mobile phone signal booster, especially one that has the ability to amplify signals coming from multiple carriers, it is possible to boost GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi connection. Most of the time, the members of the household patronize different service providers so having this device can be very advantageous minimize technical noise in voice calls giving you a clearer and improved voice over the phone

  1. Strong and stable connection

Mobile phone signal boosters provide you with an opportunity to boost 3G, GSM and Wi-Fi signals, which makes it possible to avoid using different service providers and can lessen expenses. The boosters also minimize the technical noise during voice calls and provide high quality messages, with no interruptions and dropped calls. In terms of internet connection, mobile phone signal boosters minimize the possibility of signal loss, slow loading and other interruptions.

  1. Flexibility

There are different types of mobile boosters available: for vehicles, ships/yachts, business facilities, hotels, offices and homes. They have small sizes and can be mounted anywhere, even on a moving car. Since this mobile phone signal boosters are powerful enough to support multiple calls at a time, they make it possible to have connection during travel, in regional areas and while working in an office full of people. Mobile phone signal boosters work with all electronic devices as long as they are cellular connected, whether they are smart phones, Mi-Fi devices, data cards or M2M transmissions. There is also an option for you to choose whether you want a standard booster package (in which case you have 3 to 5 bars), or an extra boosting package where the booster is designed to amplify even the weakest signal that it catches.

After all, you’re paying for those high monthly cell phone bills. You deserve to get what you’re paying for. Because without reliable 3G & 4G LTE (and soon to be 5G) signals, your cell phone is basically a glorified calculator that takes photos.

However, there are a few easy tips and tricks you can use to help boost your cell phone strength other than mobile signal boosters. If you want to learn more, click here.


Author: Lucy Robinson

Lucy Robinson is the Marketing Manager of Mobile Signal Boosters, a company that proposes a new way of dealing with weak mobile phone connection and weak cell tower coverage by producing a mobile phone signal booster. Mobile phone signal boosters are aimed at spreading the connection and ensuring the signal’s availability.

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