5 Most Important On-Page SEO Tools that will help you to Rank Quickly

Hello, guys! Are you a new digital marketer and looking for some on Page SEO tools to solve all the On-Page problems. Read this article carefully. Here we have described it step by step. I hope you will understand it clearly and implement it in your niche site.

05 On-Page SEO Tools

1. CanIRank

It is an awesome keyword research tool that will help to research various types of keyword, and at the same time, you can know the difficulty. So, it will be easy for you to rank the keyword on the first page of any search result.

If you are looking for a low search volume keyword for your niche driven site, it will help you a lot.

Easily you can know the keyword difficulty so you can beat your nearest competitor. Here package cost is reasonable. As a result, the newbie digital marker can afford this tool. The ranking probability will help you to make a big plan.

2. Google Page Speed Test

Google page speed test is essential for measuring your site loading speed. These tools will help you to know the various problems of your website, like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Image compression, and so many things.

If you solve those problems step by step, then it will be easy for you to reduce the loading speed. As we all know that, the recent few policies of Google have ensured that if you like to stay at the top of the search engine, your website must contain loading speed below 5 seconds.

3. Mobile-Friendly Test

We are living in the era of the smartphone, Laptop, and Tablet. The number of Smartphone users is much higher than the Desktop User.

If you like to make a good impact on your customer’s mind, then your website must have to be mobile-friendly.

Users will access your WEB platform from his 6-inch smartphone anywhere on this planet. You will have a Google Mobile-Friendly test for this tool. It is highly effective as this tool will provide you more accurate result than any other platform. If your test result is more than 70%, then easily it can be said that the website is perfectly all right.

4. Yoast SEO  

So far, I have ever known it is one of the most effective on-page SEO tools that will provide you all the information in a single platform. It has some unique features like you can know the feature keyword is previously used or not. So if you make any mistake, this tool will correct you instantly.

Here you will have Meta title suggestion tools, Meat Description suggestion tools, on-page SEO suggestions, readability checking, and so many things. Suppose you make some mistakes like using too many complex sentences in your article which is not user friendly and not good at all for the keyword ranking this tool will help you to know that through bullet marking. Quickly you can check the readability and correct all the mistakes until it satisfied the standard platform.

The most important thing is On-Page SEO optimization is the image alt text, URL optimization, keyword density checking, Keyword placement, use perfect headings which are related to your article topics, etc.

This tool will provide all that information accurately. As a result, it will be effortless for the user to optimize their article. This tool is super excellent and suggested by various digital marketers from all around the world.

5. Grammarly

It is another super awesome tool that can change your writing skills. Grammarly is free, and you can use this tool several times in a day without any cost. Grammarly will solve all the grammatical errors after checking your article will be Grammar error-free.

Does it super awesome to you? I believe so. Use this tool and make your article user friendly and grammar error-free. It could help you to be ranked quickly.

Last Few Words | On-Page SEO Tools

These tools are super awesome and will help you to rank your keyword. If you use those tools perfectly, I believe you can overcome all the On-Page SEO problems. If you have any idea about on-page SEO tools, please share it with the comments sections. We are waiting for your valuable comments.

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