5 different ways to earn money in Twitch

Making a living playing video games is more real today than ever before and Twitch is the platform of choice for most players who are starting to try it. Achieving it is not a bed of roses, but it is possible and more and more people are doing it says https://pog.tv/.

There's no point in spending hours broadcasting your games live if you don't have a community, so as you can imagine, the first step to making money on Twitch is to create one.

This is the most difficult task of all, since you'll have to make yourself known and get people to follow you for your expertise at the controls of the games, your grace in narrating the games or your choice of video games.

In order to create your community, you'll probably need a presence on social networks so that more people can find you. In addition, it is also very useful to participate in forums, be active in other twitchers' communities, participate in related events, make collaborations with other players (have more or less followers than you), etc, etc... In short, let yourself be seen where there might be an audience interested in the kind of content you make.

This will be your main task, to make your community grow as much as possible. As it grows you will realize that it is worth having a good community, pampering it to the maximum ... In the end this will be the audience that later will allow you to live on the income of Twitch and other sources that will be opened as your community grows.

Different methods to monetize your content on Twitch

Now that you know that the community is the base that will allow you to earn money in Twitch, it's time to learn the methods to do it.

The options for earning money from your presence on Twitch are really not that different from other online platforms. The amount of income you will be able to earn is directly related to the size of your community, but not only that, but also to the type of community you have (age, purchasing power, location, etc, etc...)

Partner program

As in Youtube, the platform specialized in video game streaming also has a partner program. By participating in it, you get part of the income that the platform receives from the advertisers that publish their campaigns on it.

That is to say, you will get a part of the income generated by the ads shown during your streaming sessions or in the videos saved to watch later. This income will be directly related to the number of plays of your videos, although the amount you can earn will vary depending on a lot of parameters.

To be able to participate in this program you need to go through an evaluation phase, so you won't be able to take part from the beginning. You'll have to wait until your community grows to apply and Twitch accepts you as part of the program. To give you an idea of the difficulty of being part of it, the platform indicates that it has 27,000 partners out of more than 2,000,000 twitchers.

Are you starting to see the importance of the community?

If you are still starting, Twich also offers an alternative so that you can start generating your first income. Streaming and creating a community is something that requires a lot of work and that's why the company decided to launch this option for those who cannot yet aspire to the partner program.

Thanks to this method you will be able to obtain benefits in different ways. For example, your followers will be able to cheer you up with Bits (the platform's virtual money), which you can then exchange for real money.

This program will also allow you to offer VIP subscriptions. A type of subscription for which users pay a monthly fee in exchange for a series of benefits that you offer them. If you activate this option, Twitch will keep a part of the users' payments for the management of the whole process and the rest of the money will be for you.

But that's not all. You will also have access to certain advantages when it comes to transcoding your videos, replays and premieres of your streams or customer service from the platform.

The requirements to access this program are more affordable. Basically you need to have broadcasted more than 500 minutes during the last 30 days spread over at least 7 days. In addition, you will need to have had an average of at least 3 viewers on your videos and have 50 followers on your channel.

As you can see, there are some very reasonable requirements that will allow you to take the first steps to earn money online, in this case through Twitch.


Another method widely used by people who are starting out on the platform (and also by veterans) is to resort to donations.

This method consists of placing a button inside the channel so that followers can click on it and make their donations through platforms such as Streamlabs, PayPal or similar.

This is a good way for smaller channels to start funding. Again, having a healthy community that appreciates what you do and wants more content is very important to get donations. In this case in a very special way, since it will be the users who will have to decide to make the donation.

Merchandising sales

This is a method with which you can make a fairly large profit and manage it in a much simpler way than you may be imagining at first.

Taking advantage of the fact that you have formed a community, you can use merchandising to continue to make your brand known as a creator and also to finance yourself. T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, key chains, computer stickers, posters... The list of possibilities is enormous.

To do this you can choose two different ways. Find a manufacturer that can make your customized products (in many cases any digital printer in your area) or opt for online platforms that allow you to create your own designs and print them on demand, ie when someone gives the button to buy.

The second option is very good to start with. You will only have to provide the design you want to be printed on the merchant and promote the store you have created within the platform. The interested parties will go to the store, make the purchase and the print on demand platform will take care of the whole process of making, charging and shipping. Then you will receive a part of the profit of that sale.

On the other hand, the option of looking for a manufacturer and managing everything will allow you to obtain greater economic benefits and to have greater control of the whole process. The negative part is that you will have to take care of the whole process, which means spending a lot of time that you could perhaps invest in other actions that will help you keep growing.

The last method to earn money with Twitch I want to talk about is not directly related to the platform, but to your work on it. If you become a well-known twitcher, have a large community and fit in with what they are looking for, brands will contact you to make all kinds of collaborations. This can be the most profitable method of monetization of all.

The brands will propose you different advertising actions and if they fit with your values and those of your community you will negotiate the price of them to make it real.the collaborations can be of all types, from giving you a product and paying you to use it during the games, to others like talking about the brand or the product during the transmissions, participating in a tournament, traveling somewhere and showing parts of the trip in the channel, etc, etc...

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