5 Amazon Selling Tips All Sellers Must Know

What if, in addition to your salespeople, points of sale and e-commerce site, you also sell via Amazon? This will increase your visibility and boost your sales. However, if you take certain precautions....

1) Check the competition

If Amazon can boast of attracting 18 million unique visitors per month*, it is because of its wide offer (more than 200 million items available) and its excellent support.

Therefore, selling in such a virtual supermarket requires checking which competing products are already present, at what price and with what characteristics.

This is not necessarily a concern, as a foreign supplier will have less confidence, but a large price difference can tip the balance in their favour.

2) Start small

Sales on Amazon can quickly get out of hand, and as a supplier, you may find yourself out of business if you don't have a strategy in place. "That's why we have to start by offering products that we can be sure of being able to deliver, with enough dedicated staff, and margins that allow us to remain competitive,". On the other hand, products sold on Amazon must not cannibalize your own merchant site.

If you’re interested to know more about how to grow your sales on Amazon then you must have a basic knowledge on softwares for amazon sellers.

Then you need to harmonize the offer so that the consumer finds it advantageous to use Amazon as your own e-commerce storefront. For example, it is wise to exhibit on the market place, a new product whose reception you will want to test with a large mass of Internet users.

3) Take care of product marketing

A product displayed on Amazon obeys certain enhancement rules: the photos must be of excellent quality, the description clear, the words chosen to give relevant and accurate information. The Internet user should not have to "scroll" for long to be informed. The title is particularly important and must contain the keywords that will allow access to the product.

In addition, you can offer demonstration videos of the products, always appreciated. "In addition, it is essential that each item has an EAN code in order to sell on Amazon,"

4) Aim for the stars

On Amazon, the opinions of Internet shoppers are of crucial importance.

Every customer receives an e-mail after purchase, asking him to evaluate his supplier according to criteria of quality and speed of delivery, then product conformity, materialized by stars.

"The supplier must therefore be irreproachable, at the risk of being underrated and losing sales, or in the extreme, having his account closed in the event of breaches,"

Any customer complaints must be dealt with quickly and efficiently, as Amazon follows up on them. Upstream, it is therefore necessary to define as best as possible its capacities and delivery areas (at regional or international level) in order to avoid any problems.

5) Think of a flow aggregator

If your activity on Amazon grows and is combined with a presence on other marketplaces or even competitor sites, using a product flow aggregator such as (Beezup, Lengow or Iziflux) allows you to automate management.

This IT tool will be in charge of putting products online on the different sites, managing orders, and if necessary interfacing with your internal CRM.

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