4 Things To Know About With Access Control And Visitor Management

Breakdown Of Access Control And Visitor Management

It is important to make sure the security of a building is kept at the best level possible. Two systems that can be used to ensure a great amount of security and safety for a building are building access control systems and visitor management systems. This is especially important for locations where there are people constantly coming into and out of the building.

With these providing a list of benefits, many people will find it useful to use the systems for their building. Four things to know about when it comes to access control and visitor management include:

●       Using Access Control

●       Using Visitor Management

●       How They Differ

●       Which One Should Be Used?

Using Access Control

Access control is a great option for businesses that are looking to keeping their location safe. By using building access control systems, the security of the building will automatically be higher as only certain people are limited to entering the building freely on their own.

Typically, employees will have these access cards to use for the access control systems to enter the building, while all visitors and other people will not be able to get into the facility on their own. This provides safety for everyone inside that is utilizing the building.

Using Visitor Management

When it comes to visitor management, this allows the security team of a building to monitor all of the people that are going into and out of the building just to visit. This is often used in places like hospitals, schools, and large businesses.

With the visitor management system, all visitors are logged that enter the building and they must go through a process of identifying themselves to receive a temporary badge that signifies they are just visitors. This keeps everyone inside of the building safe and allows the location to monitor how many visitors they get.

How They Differ

Building access control systems and visitor management systems are both very similar in that they provide a building with security, but they are also very different in many ways. Access control is designed specifically to give employees access to entering the building easily with the use of their permanent access card.

Visitor management gives visitors a temporary ID badge that allows them to be within a building after they are given permission and go through the process of identifying themselves with security. With the two systems being very different in how they provide safety to the people inside, some people question which system they should be using for their building.

Which One Should Be Used?

Some locations aren’t sure if they should use just an access control system alone, or if they should use only a visitor management system. What many people don’t know is that using both is the most beneficial as they are both very different systems! With access control monitoring employees and visitor management monitoring visitors, they will both provide safety to everyone inside of the building in two very different ways.

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