Be a Friendly Business: 3 Social Media Marketing Tips For Connecting With Customers

In 2021, the distance between customers and companies online is virtually nonexistent. While businesses have always been present on social media via paid advertisements, these days there are full-blown Twitter wars between major corporations popping up amid your friends’ tweets. Now, businesses with an active online presence are able to develop customer relationships and casually promote their products and services like never before, breaking into the personal spheres of social platforms with ease.

Mastering this form of digital marketing is attainable for any sized business. Below Backed Homes share three ways that you can get a buzz going about your business with a few easy posts and interactions!

1. Establish Hashtags Related to Your Business

If your business has a presence on a variety of social platforms, create a catchy hashtag for users to follow or use when posting about your products and services. You could use key terms related to a product, a sale or promotion, a brand-specific image, or simply your business’s title.

Alternatively, your social media team can make use of trending hashtags to draw attention to your page. Engaging in conversations about current events can help you get directly connected to customers who respond to your posts, ultimately leading to a better reputation with customers and a boost in your page’s views and activity.

            Further, making use of hashtags can help your social media team find your customers. Often, happy customers will use your hashtags in posts about recent purchases or positive experiences. Getting in touch with vocal customers can make an impact on their view of your company and on the outlooks of other users who stumbled upon the interaction.

Don’t be wary of engaging with unhappy customers either—sometimes, seeing a real-time customer service interaction will make other users more confident in future dealings with your business.

2.  Share Customer Photos & Posts

After identifying customers who used your hashtags, reach out to them and ask for permission to share their posts on your page. Thanks to a boom of social media influencer marketing, sharing personal experiences with companies and their services is the new norm. Giving your users’ posts exposure will benefit both parties and make other customers more likely to purchase and post your products.

There is no better way to win over a prospective customer than with a genuine endorsement. When new customers search for your business and see real photos of your products, they will be infinitely more likely to complete their purchase.

Also, consumers love to see their experiences shared to a business’s followers. Expressing interest in your customers’ thoughts and opinions will make them feel valued. This type of reinforcement creates happy, loyal customers and boosts your brand image.

3.  Post & Comment on Discussion Boards

If the type of services you provide wouldn’t benefit much from trendy hashtags or photo endorsements, try engaging with customers on discussion boards. Typically, the regular readers of written content are deeply invested in their chosen topics and will be more receptive to a brand’s storytelling efforts. Seek out online communities, blogs, discussion boards, Usenet newsgroups, and forums related to your products and services. If you opt for Usenet newsgroups as a way to tell your brand’s story, you just need to find a Usenet service provider with the right plan for your needs to get started.

Your team can write informative posts or even respond to users’ existing threads, starting a direct conversation between your business and potential consumers. Posting can help customers better understand your mission while interacting with users can help your team figure out better ways to serve your customer base. In either case, your business will benefit from the close customer interaction.

These three methods of social media marketing illustrate how closely businesses are able to interact with their consumers in the digital world. Between hashtag marketing, post sharing, and online discussions, your marketing team will have more opportunities than ever to learn from your customer base and produce helpful reports on current trends, customer experiences, and general conversations surrounding your industry.

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