10 best Headphone Hacks That You May Don’t Know

Listening to music gives us immense pleasure sometimes. But ever since we got the music players in our hands, the earphones/headphones have become a part of our bag packs. A headphone always enhances the feel of any music to an ideal level.

What if you get to know about some tricks to enhance the qualities of your headphones? Today I am here to make your music listening experience batter, and to let you know about 10 best Headphone Hacks That You May Don’t Know.

 How to wrap them without making them tangled

The most annoying and common problem we face about headphones every time is, they get tangled easily. And removing the tangles is another headache to all of us.

I have the easiest way to get away from this problem. Take the headphone and double fold it twice, now tie it. This is probably the easiest way to keep your headphones tangle free.

 Choose the right pare

Spending more money to get the best headphone is not the way, it can’t be. Buying the right pair can get you most out of your headphone. Whatever you price range is, you have a plenty of options to choose from. You can get the best suitable headphone in your budget. A good trick to test a headphone is, play old songs with the new headphone. Just listen the music quality and select a suitable pair for yourself.

 Make them noise isolating headphones

Want to enjoy the music peacefully without disturbance? But can’t because of the noisy world. Now whether you are in an extremely noisy place or in an airport or wherever, you don’t need to lighten you pocket to get a pair of isolated headphone. Just use some foam earplugs if you have an in-ear pair to isolate the noise. And if having an open pair of headphones, then you can use Industrial earmuffs instead.

 Paracords to keep headphones tangle free

Another interesting way to keep your headphones tangle free. No one loves to see their headphones turned into a bird nest of cords. The way now I am going to tell you about may cost you some DIY chops. Just run them through Para cords. You may have some quality loos following this trick. Yet a very good way to keep them tangle free and travel friendly.

 Prevent them from breaking from the edge

We often see our headphones brakes from the edge of the jack or the era-buds. This is not ignorable at all. For that you can use the springs we get with the retractable pens. Cut of both of the ends of the spring and put the wires in it. This is an easy and cheap method to prevent the edges of headphones. Use this method if you find it useful for you.

 Clean them regularly

Even best headphones needs cleaning regularly. You are using a very expensive pair of headphones, sounds awesome, bass is fine. But day by day the sound of it gets lower and lower. That can happen because of the dirt stuck in the hole of the ear-buds. The dirt may be your earwax and the oil you expose. So clean your headphones regularly. You can use home cleaning sprays and a brush if it is that much dirty. Spray little bit on the ear-buds and wipe it up with some tissue or something. This is not only about the batter sound but also a matter of hygiene.

 Make them stick to your ears

Riding bike and listening to music is awesome, running with ear buds in the ears boosts us very much. But our headphones never let us do so. Apply a trick and make them stick to your ears. Get some cable ties handy and wrap them around the ear buds and few over the ear wraps. Now they will be steady during your joggings and bike ridings.

 Splice your remote to quality headphones

Some headphones have a very good inline remote in them. You may like the remote of those headphones but not the headphones. Splice the remote with a good pair of headphones which you like. You will be able to control the volume, change songs, pause and play them according to you.

 Wear them correctly

Sometimes you may not get what you want from the headphones just because of not putting them properly into your ears. No matter how expensive your headphone is. To avoid that problem first of all choose the ear buds of your size. Also use the “lobe tug” method of warring headphones. Thus you can get a fantastic feel of the music you are listening.

 Turn it into a zipper case

Let me show you another awesome method of keeping your cable tangle free. Buy a long zipper from any clothing or sewing shop. Wrap the zipper to your headphone’s cable and you can make it a zipper case, also it will never get tangled and annoy you.


Here I gave you the list of 10 Best Headphone Hacks that you might not know about. Apply them wisely and get the most from it, no matter how expensive or how cheap the headphone is. Just follow the tricks.

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