10 amazing apps built using React Native

In today’s ever evolving province of mobile apps developers are on a constant lookout for development cycles that are fast, easy to deploy and perform exceptionally well. Developers want apps that give a better user experience , that are faster to develop and can run on more platforms. React Native gives developers the liberty of writing mobile applications that look and feel native from the comfort of Javascript library.

What is React Native

React Native is a javascript framework that is used to write real, natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. React Native is based on React which is Facebook’s Javascript library for building user interfaces. It targets mobile applications rather than targeting browser. Most of the codes that are written can be shared between the platforms making it easy to develop simultaneously for iOS and Android. React Native helps developers reuse code across the web and on mobile. There are very little differences between a finished app built in Java and one built using React Native. Considering the ease of developing and better user experience no wonder many companies use React Native app development.

We list 10 most amazing apps built using React Native

  1. Facebook– Facebook is the reason of evolution of React Native. It started as Facbook’s hackathon project development in response to company’s needs and ever since React Native is ruling the mobile app development sphere. Initially Facebook developed React Native only for iOS but now with the evolution the React Native library can provide mobile user interfaces for both iOS and Android platforms. In terms of performance the events dashboard startup is now twice as fast as compared to the earlier. As the advances made were made at the framework level ,this determines that the React Native will automatically benefit while transferring to the latest version of React Native app.
  2. Facebook Ads– As Facebook was the first React Native app for iOS , Facebook Ads is the first React Native app for Android. The Javascrit framework perfectly handles the difference in ad formats, date formats, currency conventions, time zone and so on. The animations and transitions are flawless. The interface is clean with intuitive UX and simple design. The app is very fast no matter what operations you want to perform. Numerous components developed alongside the Facebook Ads app have been useful for other developers in building their apps.
  3. Instagram – In case of Instagram the exisiting app had to be moved to a new technology which surely was a challenge. The Push Notification was basically implemented as Webview. As the UI was quite simple building navigation infrastructure was not required. The major advantage of switching to React Native was the easy maintenance for both iOS and Android platforms. The developer velocity was considerably improved. With React Native solution the app was delivered much faster as 85% to 99% codes were shared between iOS and Android apps.
  4. Bloomberg – Bloomberg provides global business and finance news to its users. The development team had to invest considerate amount of time to develop and update separate apps for iOS and Android platforms before switching to React Native. By thorough testing of the prototype created with React Native, the technology was adopted for simultaneous updation of app for cross platforms. React Native automates code refreshes and accelerates the release of new product features. The app loads instantly instead of recompiling. Bloomberg’s new consumer mobile app for iOS and Android clients a streamlined experience with  simple to access personalized content, videos and live feeds featured across Bloomberg’s media.
  5. Myntra – Myntra has set an example for all the shopping portals on mobile phones. React Native has helped Myntra with an amazing User Interface and User Experience to the Android and iOS apps with its beautiful presentation of catalogs, profiles and order placements. Myntra app has got the perfect look and feel to fine user experience with React Native and has made the shopping on mobile very convenient.
  6. Walmart– Walmart strives to become the world’s largest online retailer. The company takes bold moves with being in line with the latest technologies to improve customer experience. Walmart has revised there mobile app into React Native and has managed to improve the app performance on both iOS and Android platforms with less resources and even lesser time span as 96% of the codebase was shared between both the platforms. According to Walmart team React Native allows great performance nearly identical to native apps with extremely smooth animations.
  7. SoundCloud Pulse– SoundCloud Pulse is a companion to SoundCloud’s existing app which enables creators to manage their accounts and keep their communities humming anywhere, anytime. For company it was difficult to find iOS developers and company was worried for the unwanted gaps between iOS and Android releases. Hence SoundCloud switched to React Native to develop iOS and Android apps simultaneously lessening the gap between their release. Developers found it easier to work on a React Native based application than on a native application. Also they were capable of working and building the application by themselves without frequent input from expert mobile app developers.
  8. Gyroscope – Gyroscope is a new OS for human body. It lets you track different aspects of your life and daily routine and present the data in beautiful daily, weekly and monthly reports and save them as images. It is the coolest way to track your life by tracking your heart rate, steps, sleep ,mood, workouts, running, productivity , travel and more. With dozens of integrations you can track everything on computer or mobile for a better and healthy lifestyle. All the data is exhibited in two well designed and appealing views – simple and card modes. All the tracked data is collected in daily, weekly or monthly statements wherein you can also deep dig into it and pick on the things you want to focus on next. React Native gives better Ui and UX for betterfeel.
  9. AirBnB – AirBnB operates online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short term lodging including holiday cottages, apartments, homestays or hotel rooms to facilitate experiences related to tourisms. While working on the React Native framework the team noticed the high cost of integration with native apps which eventually paid off. Also people who were new to React Native struggled with concepts of status management in context of React app. However the biggest pay off was the ability to reuse the codes as most codes were extremely reusable. Also React made the code very easy to refactor and iterate on.
  10. Wix– Wix is a cloud based web development platform. It enables users to create HTML5 websites and mobile sites through the use of online drag and drop tools. The remarkable features of Wix that are popular are that the developers can create their own web applications to market to others and developers really don’t need to know any coding to create a website. At the same time Wix is also associated with inefficiency, less developer productivity and slower time rate to deployment. React Native has helped deliver speed and agility of web development to the hybrid space with native results.

Thousands of companies from start ups to fortune 500 are using React Native to build their apps and the trend is here to stay.

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