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Write for us Business  – 99tehpost.com is offering the opportunity to submit a guest post. We are looking the guest bloggers, financial advisor and business blogger who can write for our blog and submit a guest post.

If you are online business owner and financial advisor? do you want to earn the quality bakclinks from our blog? then read our blog guest post guideline and start to create the article as per blog guideline.

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Guest Post Guideline to Write for US

If you have decided to write for us, then read our blog guest post guideline and create the insightful content for our blog, so that our users can get the quality content and can grow their business. 

  1. Your provided content should be original, insightful and error free.
  2. Article should not be written by AI tools, We will never accept the AI content as Google considers spam.
  3. Pitch the guest post topic ideas that not covered on blog before.
  4. You can start to create the article after topic approval.
  5. Our team will take the two days for review your article and will let you know the status of your article.
  6. Add H1, H2, H3 heading, Sub heading and bullet points.
  7. Provide us a featured image that should be copyright free.
  8. You need to make sure that your article is not published on other sites.
  9. You can add one dofollow link from author bio with branded anchor text.
  10. Do not add promotional links or affiliate links or broken links.
  11. We will have the permission of making the any changes in article. It will save our time to publish the guest post.
  12. Your guest post request get rejected if you are not getting the response from our end within one week.

What are the Benefits to Write for US – 99 Tech Post?

Increased Website Traffic:

One of the key benefits of guest posting is that it can bring traffic to your blog. When you submit the high-quality content to a reputable website that has good SEO matrix in your niche, you can attract their audience, who may then click through to your site to learn more about you and your offerings.

Help to Improve the Website Ranking :

Backlinks are very important factor for SEO and guest blogging is one of the effective technique that allow you to earn the quality baclinks and improve the website ranking. If your website has strong backlink profile then you get the superior improvement in ranking.

Diversified Audience Reach:

You can reach new and diverse audiences by publishing content on other websites, which may not be available to you through your personal website. By doing this, you can boost your visibility and expand your audience.

Earn High Authority Backlinks:

Now these days, Guest posting has become the useful and result driven technique if you are thinking to create the quality backlinks. I also give the more importance guest blogging to build the bakclinks. It’s time consuming SEO technique. But, links form guest posting is more powerful than other off-page seo technique backlinks. That’s why. most of the blogger and marketer recommend guest blogging for better SEO result.

Brand Exposure:

Guest posting allows you to endorse your brand to a wider audience. When readers encounter your content on various sites, they become more familiar with your brand, which can lead to increased brand recognition and trust.

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Guest posting FAQ

Following are some FAQ that can help you learn more about the Guest Blogging and how we can do it.

What is the Guest Posting?

Are you a new blogger? If yes, guest posts will be an excellent way to build your community. Also, it can help you significantly to grow your digital brand. I also used guest post for attracting traffic and get the high-quality backlinks for your website.  Although it is not hard for you to take advantage of guest posts but there is need to know some questions that one may ask before submitting a post.

Why Have I Considered Guest Posts On The Blog?

There are various benefits of using guest posts, regardless of whether you are submitting a guest post or considering making your website available for gets posting. It will not only help you to grow your audience but also build authority, expand your network, and increase the overall SEO performance of your website.

How Do I Get Clients As A Guest Blogger?

I used my own social media platforms to promote guest posts. I have also used the website’s name and hashtags to attract its audience. You may get more clients if you engage in comments and answer queries.

What Guest Posting Strategy Do I Use?

Undoubtedly, guest posting is a great way to create brand awareness, as when you publish your blog on other websites, their audience learns about you. Also, these visitors can visit your site and pages, which means you can get new subscribers that will help you improve lead generation.

Am I Qualified To Write A Guest post Article?

The best part about blogging is that a blogger can express their feelings and creativity in the blog. But if you want to write a meaningful guest post article, then you must need knowledge about the topic you are writing about. Also, the knowledge you have should be relevant.

Do You Get Paid For Guest Posting?

Yes, usually, guest bloggers get paid for their efforts, but this is not the case every time. It depends on the quality of your blog and the audience you can attract. You may be surprised to know that even some people make a good living by writing guest blogs.

Does Guest Blogging Is Good for SEO?

Guest blogging helps you build relationships with others in the same industry, promote your brand, and attract new customers. The main reason people use guest blogging is that it boosts the SEO backlinks to your website, increasing your rank in search engines.